Why do some girls have soft chests like bread, but some are hard like gimmicks?The doctor said the answer


The chest is an important part of a woman, and the chest shape and characteristics of different women are not the same. Some girls’ breasts are soft like bread, but some are as hard as steamed buns. This difference triggers people’s curiosity.

In normal times, many people want to know what the reason for this phenomenon is. Next, we will explore this issue in depth to understand how different factors affect the shape and characteristics of women’s chests, and how to treat their bodies correctly.

Women’s breasts are mainly composed of fat and breasts. The breast structure is relatively hard and the fat is soft.

Some women have more fat and their breasts are softer. On the contrary, female breasts with larger breasts will be harder!In addition, some female breasts that often exercise are stronger.In addition to congenital factors, some women’s breasts are soft and hard every day, which is likely to be caused by these factors.

If the proportion of adipose tissues is relatively high, the breasts will feel soft, no elasticity, and easy to sag; some women’s other breast tissue proportion is better, such as more glands, so the breasts will be stronger and more flexible.

For middle -aged women’s breasts, lack of collagen or breast sagging can also cause breast pain!Hard breasts may be caused by hyperplasia. In this case, there are lumps in the chest and accompanied by pain.

In addition, when female obesity or excessive losing weight, in addition to the increase or decrease of body fat tissue, breast fat will also be affected, which will become larger and smaller.

For people who often exercise, their breasts are often strong; girls with more subcutaneous fats have softer breasts.

A girl’s chest has a hard bump, which does not mean that there are any abnormal diseases, and they should be analyzed according to specific clinical symptoms.

If there is a rigidity and accompanied by pain at the same time, it is necessary to consider it because of the problem of breast hyperplasia, which can be relieved by local massage and hot compresses; if there are no other abnormalities, you don’t have to worry too much.Blood circulation helps improve.

In addition, in daily life, pay attention to maintaining regular living habits; at the same time, diet should be as light as possible, maintain a good attitude, and exercise appropriately.If there are abnormalities, seek medical examination in time!Don’t take it seriously.

Female breast development is that after puberty, from the age of 12-13, it has continued to develop to about 16-18 years old.

Due to the impact of various factors, some girls may begin to develop breast development around the age of 10, and the breasts will stop developing after entering adolescence.Therefore, in adolescence and development, try to pay attention to a reasonable and nutritious diet.

At the same time, pay attention to ensuring sufficient sleep, do not stay up late, pay more attention to exercise; women will develop a second breast after pregnancy, but this development will return to normal after breastfeeding. This is a temporary breast development of breast development.Essence

The size of the chest is one of the topics of women’s attention. Many women think that the size of the chest represents their charm and sexy level.However, the size of the chest is affected by various factors.

1. Genetic factors

The size of the chest is affected by genetic factors to a certain extent. If the girl’s mother or grandmother’s chest is large, then the girl may also have a larger chest.

2. Hormon level

Generally speaking, hormonal levels have an important impact on the size of the chest; during adolescence and pregnancy, female hormonal levels will rise, which may lead to chest development and increase.

3. Weight

Under normal circumstances, changes in weight may also affect the size of the chest, because the chest is mainly composed of fat and breasts. If the weight increases, the chest may become larger!

4. Exercise

Exercise usually helps enhance the pectoral muscles, so that people’s chests look firmer, but it does not directly affect the size of the chest.

In short, the size of the chest is affected by various factors, not a single factors that can be determined!However, no matter what the size of the chest is, it cannot be the only criterion for evaluating women’s value and beauty. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and positive mentality.

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