Why do some people dare to make up after pregnancy?Are they afraid of affecting the fetus?

I went to the birth check today. Although Duo Duo found that a pregnant mother next to him had a big belly, he still melted with light makeup and painted lipstick. From time to time, he took out a small mirror to paint a few eyebrows, which attracted the eyes of many pregnant mothers.Duo thought: "Does this person don’t know if you can’t make up during pregnancy? Dare to apply lipstick, it is really not responsible." At this time, the friends next to her finally reminded her: "Don’t be so smelly during pregnancy, it’s not good for the fetus, it’s not good for the fetus, it is not good to the fetus.", The pregnant mother stunned after listening, and laughed:" I know, but you don’t have to worry about it, nothing will happen. "Love beauty is the nature of everyone, but many women who are used to makeup are prohibited from makeup after pregnancy. The face value of the whole person is very serious, and the mood is very low. Can the pregnant mothers know?In fact, pregnant mothers can also dress themselves during pregnancy. Below I will teach you a few good ways to ensure the face value during pregnancy.

Pure natural cosmetics

Many Baoma believes that it cannot be made up during pregnancy. This is a very correct understanding. Even if you do n’t have to be worthy during pregnancy, you cannot hurt your baby.But for pregnant mothers, although most cosmetics are unavailable, there is no absolute thing. If the pregnant mother wants to make up, there is still a way, that is, using pure natural pregnant women’s cosmetics.When buying such cosmetics, pregnant mothers must choose trusted brands. Do not believe small brands that have not passed national certification.


After pregnancy, although tight clothing cannot be worn, all kinds of beautiful skirts can still be worn. When choosing clothes, pregnant mothers should try to choose loose and convenient clothing.Pregnant mothers’ activities are prone to accidents.After pregnancy, high heels cannot be worn anymore. You should choose low heels with a little heel. It is best to reduce the chance of slipping.


During pregnancy, pregnant mothers can eat more fruits, which can not only supplement folic acid in the body, but also obtain a large amount of vitamins and improve the skin condition after pregnancy.If the pregnant mother is conditional, you can also eat some bird’s nests, which can not only beauty and beauty, but also develop well for the nervous system of the fetus.


After entering the middle and late pregnancy, the center of gravity of the pregnant mother will shift with the pregnant belly, which will affect the posture and temperament of the pregnant mother, and it is also very easy to get tired.To reduce your burden and make a vibrant "temperament pregnant mother".

Do you remember these methods who want to become beautiful?If you have any good ways to become beautiful during pregnancy, welcome to communicate with everyone.

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