Why do some people have a fat belly after pregnancy?Master the following principles, you can also do it

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Two days ago, I saw a girl slim and was helped by her boyfriend into the door of the mall by her boyfriend.I felt puzzled at the time. Is such a young girl who is not good at body? Do you still need to help?As a result, I saw that they were a pregnant woman, and the inspection was about to give birth.What is enviable is that you can’t see it from the back!Even from the front, this expectant mother just got fat.

Not only this girl, but also in reality, she often sees slender expectant mothers.Such a expectant mother, there is no doubt that it is enviable to lose weight quickly after giving birth.

Why do some people have a fat belly after pregnancy?Master the following principles, you can do it.

Pay attention to diet, especially diet control in the later pregnancy

In the final analysis, all expectant mothers who have only fat stomachs during pregnancy have done a good job of managing.After all, if you eat fat during pregnancy, you will obviously be fat anywhere, and it is impossible to be a fat belly.To do a good job of body management, you must pay attention to control your diet. After all, fat comes in.

Many doctors suggest that management weight during pregnancy is the most important thing is to ensure a reasonable weight gain every stage during pregnancy.For women with normal weight before pregnancy, the weight gain during pregnancy is controlled within 12.5 kg.Even if a woman who is relatively fat before pregnancy, the weight gain during pregnancy should not exceed 20 kilograms. After all, the weight gain during pregnancy is too fast, which may cause complications.

Generally speaking, three months before pregnancy, due to pregnancy and decreased appetite, many expectant mothers do not increase their weight and fall, which is normal.After three months of pregnancy, we will generally increase. At this time, the weekly weight gain should be kept at about 0.5 kg.

Specific mothers should pay special attention to the weight control in the later stages of pregnancy, because as far as I know, many expectant mothers have started to "keep their footsteps" at this time.Many expectant mothers who have maintained a good weight in the second trimester will accelerate the weight gain at the end of August and September of pregnancy, and even cause stretch marks.But during this period, the fetus does not need too much nutrition. Excess nutrition will only become fat, increase the fetal weight gain, and cause childbirth difficulties.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that diet attention to nutrition during pregnancy is an important principle, but it does not mean that high -fat and high -calorie substances must be consumed.The balanced diet includes carbohydrates, protein, calcium, potassium, zinc, etc., which can be achieved through a variety of diets.The overall diet principle is "grains of grains as the main food, high -protein foods, eat more vegetables, and the amount of fruits (due to the fruit content, it is enough to prevent half an apple per day).

Exercise appropriately, if you have no discomfort, you can walk for more than half an hour every day

During pregnancy, controlling weight is similar to losing weight. In addition to "holding your mouth", you also need to "open your legs".For mothers, the most suitable exercise is walking.After the embryo is stable in the body, expectant mothers can take the doctor’s opinion to start walking, and insist on walking for more than half an hour a day.Of course, the placenta is low or the prospective mothers who have been aborted before must follow the doctor’s advice.

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