Why do women "below" "stink"?What are the reasons for privacy areas?

Women’s privacy parts, that is, private parts and vulva are the most private places in the body.However, sometimes women may feel the odor or odor in this area, which may not only cause discomfort, but also affect their confidence and quality of life.In this article, we will discuss why women’s privacy parts have odor, and what kind of factor is related to this odor.

The natural smell of private parts

The private part of each woman has a unique smell, which is a normal and natural phenomenon.There are microorganisms in the private parts, including probiotics such as lactobacillus. They help maintain the acid -base balance in the private place and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.These microorganisms decompose secretions and keratinocytes produce a slight sour taste.Therefore, the natural smell of the private place is usually described as acidic or lactic acid flavor.

The effect of physiological cycle and hormone changes

The changes in women’s physiological cycles and hormone levels will also affect the odor of private parts.At different stages of the menstrual cycle, hormone levels will change, which may lead to changes in the amount and properties of privileges.For example, at the ovulation period, estrogen levels rose, and the privacy of secretions became more and scarce, and the smell may also change.This change is usually normal and does not cause lasting odor or discomfort.

Effect of bad hygiene habits

Poor hygiene habits may be one of the reasons for the stinking of women’s privacy.Excessive cleaning, strong cleaning agent, frequent use of antibacterial products, etc. may destroy the normal microbial balance in the private parts, leading to excessive growth of harmful bacteria.In addition, inappropriate sanitary habits, such as not replacing sanitary napkins or sanitary pads in time, wearing tight clothing, humid environment, etc., can also cause bacteria breeding and odor.

Infection and disease effects

Women’s privacy parts are also susceptible to infection and disease, which may cause abnormal odors in the private parts.Here are some common infections and diseases:

Candida infection of Privacy: This is a common infection caused by Candida. It can cause the increased secretion and white, accompanied by yeast flavor.

Bacterial Privacy Inflammation: This is a kind of privacy caused by bacterial infection. Common bacteria include eosinophils and anaerobic bacteria.This infection is usually accompanied by odor, and the taste is described as fishy smell.

Trichomonas infection in private parts: This is a infection caused by a microorganism called trichomonas.Infection can lead to increased private secretions, yellow -green, accompanied by irritating smell.

Pelvic inflammation: pelvic inflammation refers to the infection and inflammation of the pelvic organs, such as uterus, fallopian tube and ovarian.This inflammation may cause odor, accompanied by other symptoms, such as lower abdominal pain and fever.

Affordinitis: This is a chronic inflammatory disease that causes inflammation and odor abnormalities in private.

If there is a continuous or abnormal private odor, it is recommended to consult a doctor for evaluation and diagnosis.Doctors may conduct relevant examinations and laboratory tests to determine the specific cause.

Women can adopt the following prevention and management methods to reduce the odor of privacy parts:

Good personal hygiene: It is the key to keeping the clean and drying of the vulva area.Use a mild cleaner to clean the vulva to avoid excessive cleaning or use strong soap because they may damage the normal microbial balance in the private parts.When washing, rinse with water instead of directly applying soap.After washing, rinse thoroughly, and light them gently to avoid friction or excessive wipe.

Avoid excessive use of private spray and nursing products: there is a self -regulating micro -ecological system in the private parts. Excessive use of private spray, washing solution, nursing products or flavors may damage the microbial balance in the private place, resulting in odor production.Choose a gentle, pH balanced cleaning product, and try to avoid using irritating chemical components.

Choose breathable underwear and clothing: good breathability underwear and clothing help the air circulation in the private area area, and reduce the chance of humidity and bacterial breeding.Choose natural fiber underwear with good permeability to avoid synthetic materials and too tight clothing, especially during hot weather or exercise.

Pay attention to menstrual hygiene: regularly replace sanitary napkins or use built -in sanitary cotton strips during menstruation, and keep dry and clean.Avoid not replacing sanitary products for too long to prevent bacteria from breeding and odor.

Avoid the infection of partner spread: Use condoms or other appropriate contraceptive methods to reduce the risk of sexually transmitting infection.Regularly perform sexually transmitted disease examination and screening to treat infection in time.

The health of women’s privacy are important issues that every woman should pay attention to.By understanding the normal range of natural smells of privacy, adopting correct hygiene habits, and following doctors’ suggestions, women can reduce the risk of odor and maintain the health of privacy.

At the same time, we also need to change the concepts and social pressure on women’s bodies.Women should be encouraged to feel confident and proud of their bodies, not because of some natural physiological phenomena, they are troubled or embarrassed.Promote openness, respect and science sex education, help women understand their bodies, and break the taboos and misunderstandings related to women’s health.

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