Why do women "below" stink and smell?It may be these 3 reasons

The health of women’s privacy is critical, and many women will always face various privacy issues.Some private issues directly affect the health of women. Many people do not know how they are arising from these private issues.

In the growth of some women, it will encounter a private and odor in private places. These problems affect the normal life and work of women.There may be three factors that cause the stink and odor under the female. There may be three factors let us take a look at it together.

1. Gynecological disease

There are some odors because the body produces gynecological diseases, such as vaginitis and leucorrhea abnormalities, which can cause private odor.Gynecological diseases such as vaginitis and leucorrhea can be treated by taking drugs.

After taking medicine for a while, you can go to the hospital for review to watch whether the condition improves.If you still have odors for a period of time, you must persist in treatment. You can go to the hospital to consult the doctor to ensure that the condition improves.

2. Physiological period

Many girls will also have a body odor during the physiological period, because the toxins that will excrete their bodies through the blood during the physiological period.Especially in the summer physiological period, the odor will be particularly prominent. If the odor during the physiological period is obvious, pay attention to replace the sanitary napkin daily, and do not exceed 4 hours.

Do not perform severe exercise during the physiological period, and severely exercise, which can easily cause the private odor to increase the odor. Pay more attention to rest in the physiological period, which can relieve these symptoms.

3. The private part is not in place

Many girls do not pay attention to the cleaning of private parts.Sometimes you may sit all day, and the long -term sedentary causes the private environment is more humid.Bacteria will breed under a humid environment, and it is prone to odor when producing gynecological diseases.

You must pay attention to replace your underwear frequently, and at the same time, you must often clean the privacy to reduce the breeding of bacteria.

1. Do a comprehensive test

If the odor of the body is very obvious, you usually pay special attention to personal hygiene. In this case, it is best to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.Because the body may have diseases, early treatment can avoid the occurrence of major diseases.

Girls will be very shy when they encounter a private problem, and they feel difficult to open up.However, everyone may face a private problem, and actively solve the fact that it can help better solve the problem.

2. Daily local cleaning

If the odor feels very obvious, it has a significant impact on your own life and work, causing you not to work normally at all. At this time, it is recommended that you should clean the private parts every day. The underwear is replaced every day.

If you clean the private parts every day, there is no significant improvement in the private parts. It is recommended that patients seek medical treatment in time to find the cause of the cause.

3. Light diet

Some girls particularly like to eat some heavy -flavored foods, which will increase the odor in private.Especially don’t eat seafood. The light diet can adjust the excretion of body toxins and reduce the occurrence of odor.

1. Non -physiological period does not need pads

Many girls think that changing underwear every day is more troublesome, and they are unwilling to clean their underwear, so they use pads every day outside the physiological period.Be careful not to use pads during the non -physiological period, because long -term use of pads, the hygiene in the private parts is not guaranteed, and the privacy is not breathing.

Long -term use of pads and privacy can not be breathed, and there is no way to maintain the dry and hygienic of private parts, it is easy to cause infection and cause gynecological diseases.

2. Do not use gynecological solution

Many girls do not understand the cleaning agent about gynecology. Girls’ vagina is very complicated. It is not recommended to buy gynecological cleaner, because the composition of these products is also very complicated, it is easy to break the balance of the internal environment of the vagina.disease.

In the usual life, you only need to use the flowing water to clean the private parts.There is no need to go to excessive cleaning. Once the environmental balance in the vagina is broken, it will also induce more gynecological diseases.

3. Use condoms for sex life

The condom is not only to prevent pregnancy, but also to prevent many sexually transmitted diseases. Girls must pay attention to the use of condoms in their sexual life with their partners. Do not break through their own line of defense by the partner’s three words.

Girls are vulnerable groups in sex, and they must pay attention to themselves.

Women will encounter a variety of private problems in the process of growth. When encountering these problems, don’t panic in the process of anyone’s growth.Understand the cause and treat them in time.

As a woman, it should pay more attention to the protection of the private parts. Usually, we must do a good job of personal cleaning work. Do not use water with water with water. In addition, you must arrange for yourself to check for a regular basis.

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