Why do women do not want to have children?See how "expensive" is "fertility", you understand

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Women in the new era are facing a lot of pressure, especially women who are in the fertility period must not only bear the discomfort and hard work of the birth of October, but also have the troubles of their bodies and return to the workplace after giving birth.Taking care of the children one day after another, such "high fertility costs" have made many women discourage in front of fertility.

Lin Lin has been annoyed recently. The pregnancy period is about to arrive immediately. When I think of October, I was only the beginning of the birth of a child. In the future, there are countless hard day and night waiting for themselves, and I feel sad.You must know that taking care of your baby is very careful, feeding your child to breastfeeding diapers, and often worried about whether to eat and warm. Every day, the fine daily life is already busy. He cannot consider his body, work, and mood.Think of too much "fertility cost". Lin Lin not only lamented: women are really hard.

Many men complain that their wives are not gentle and considerate after giving birth. They feel that it is normal for women to have children. They do not know how much effort she has paid behind her wife.Women have always been great and have a lot of pressure.

The cost of suffering from physical pressure

Many pregnant women will have a pregnancy reaction in the early stages of pregnancy. They often eat tasteless, and it is difficult to fall asleep at night.As the pregnant belly increased, it was inconvenient to climb stairs, toilets, getting up, etc.Some pregnant mothers choose to endure a cold and fever for their health, and they are worried that the drug will endanger the health of the fetus.Diabetes and pregnancy hypertension occur during pregnancy, causing the body to be affected.During the fertility, physical pressure is often the largest. We must maintain a pleasant mood in life, pay attention to nutritional matching, do not eat a certain food, rest more, and alleviate the fatigue of the body.

The cost of enduring stress in the heart

From pregnancy to the birth of the baby, women bear strong psychological pressure and often worry about whether the baby is healthy.Some pregnant mothers discover diseases during their arms, and they are willing to give their lives and keep their baby health.There is such a great mother in "Fate of Life". During the birth check, the tumor was found. On the one hand, the baby who had not seen this world was her own health. The dilemma chose made her suffer from double pressure.In the end, she gave up treatment for her baby.As the lyrics say, only the mother is good in the world, and the life itself is precious, but the great mother is willing to give up her life to protect her children.

The cost of returning to the workplace

Many women’s maternity leave is only 6 months, and the body has not fully recovered after giving birth. The memory has deteriorated. It has a bottleneck to return to the workplace again, and the pressure is huge.You usually have to feed your children, work and family cannot balance, and your energy is almost exhausted.Because it is impossible to keep up with the work rhythm, they often fail to meet the requirements of the leadership. Some are even transferred to the core department. In this way, the cost of work after childbirth cannot be estimated.

Stress in life

After many women have giving birth, they are often vomited by her husband to deform and have no feminine.In addition, there is no source of income during pregnancy and is often disliked.When giving birth to a baby, this situation will become worse. Children’s milk powder, urine do not wet, clothes, etc. are a large amount of expenditure, and women’s pregnancy is equivalent to unemployment, and the cost of raising children in the family is even higher.

Although women’s fertility costs are high, they still insist on choosing fertility. After all, children’s families are more complete and more lively.Family people should be grateful for their efforts and understand women’s hard work and difficulty.

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