Why do you always want to drink water?It may be that the body is sick. These 7 major reasons need to be understood

In addition to the effect of lubricating oral cavity, saliva also plays a key role in maintaining oral health and promoting digestion.Dry refers to the reduction of saliva or the changes in saliva, and there are many reasons for dry mouth, such as dehydration of the body, unhealthy habits, and psychological factors.

1. Nervous damage

For some reason, such as trauma or surgery, the nerves of the head and neck may be damaged, thereby weakening the ability of oral perception.In this way, even if saliva can secrete normally, it may feel dry.

2. Desert

No drinking water and other factors, such as too much sweating, fever, diarrhea, and bleeding, can cause dehydration, and dehydration may cause dry mouth.

3. Cancer treatment

Cancer therapy will increase the risk of dry mouth. Drugs used for chemotherapy can affect the generation of saliva. Radiation therapy radiating to the head or neck may damage the saliva glands, which will cause a significant reduction in saliva.

4. Aging

As you get older, people will become easier to dry.And the elderly will use a variety of drugs, many of them may lead to dry mouth, the elderly’s physical circulation and recovery ability is poor, and the ability of the body to deal with the drug will decrease with age. This will also increase this mouth.Dry.

5. Psychological factors

Psychological factors such as stress and anxiety can have a great impact on the body and may cause dry mouth.

6. Unhealthy habit

Unhealthy habits, such as smoking and drinking, can affect the emergence of saliva and cause dry mouth, and snoring can also cause dry mouth.Tea and coffee contain coffee, excessive caffeine in the body can cause dehydration and dry mouth.

7. Pregnancy

Hormonal changes during pregnancy may cause pregnant women to dewater and easy to dry.

1. Supplement water

Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for dry mouth.Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body moisture.Proper hydration can make the body more likely to produce saliva and get rid of the symptoms of dry mouth.In addition to drinking water, eat more fruits and vegetables. If pineapple, watermelon and cucumber, you can also replenish water.

2. Try gum

Gum gum can also relieve dry mouth, which helps to stimulate saliva production and prevent tooth decay.It is best to choose gum without sugar. In addition, for patients with pain in the jaw, gum is not recommended.

3. Chew ginger

Ginger can be used to relieve dry oral symptoms.Ginger can effectively stimulate the flow of saliva, so that the oral cavity keeps moisture.Slowly chewing a small piece of fresh ginger can play a role in rejuvenating to fight the dry mouth.

Dry mouth is a common side effect of some commonly used drugs and supplements, because these drugs can reduce saliva, so take the drug carefully.If the dry mouth lasts too long, it may cause major damage to the overall health and quality of life. Don’t care about it.


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