Why do you always want to drink water during pregnancy?Don’t worry, it is caused by these 4 reasons

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Xiaowen was 6 months pregnant. She had been asking her to come out before. I took the initiative to contact me a few days ago and said that she was chatting together.Xiaowen said that she had been able to drink water since 4 months. She really didn’t really like to drink water. Now she has to bring a glass of water where she goes now. Her husband jokes her "bucket".This is the same when Tao Ma is pregnant. I have to find water to drink everywhere.Why does this happen during pregnancy?In fact, it is nothing more than these four reasons.

1. Pregnancy vomiting, insufficient water in the body

In the early stages of pregnancy, most pregnant women will have pregnancy vomiting. Every day, no matter whether they eat or eat, they will vomit, so that a large amount of water in the body will be consumed.EssenceAt this time, pregnant women may have no appetite, but it is recommended that pregnant women drink water frequently. If you eat, you can eat some light and easy -to -digest foods.

2. The secretion of progesterone has increased

After women, the secretion of hormones and progesterone in the body will increase.Especially progesterone, it can play a role in maintaining pregnant women’s pregnancy, and can also achieve the effect of water storage and improve the temperature of pregnant women.Therefore, even if a large amount of water supplement is supplemented by a large amount of water, pregnant women will feel thirsty with the large amount of progesterone.Also, after pregnancy, the body temperature of pregnant women will rise by 0.5 degrees Celsius, which will also consume some water, so pregnant women need to supplement more water to maintain balance.

3. Pregnant women may suffer from gestational diabetes

The symptoms of diabetes are: frequent urination, thirst, fatigue, and so on.If pregnant women often feel that their throat is very dry and very thirsty, it is likely to have gestational diabetes.But often because many pregnant women have such symptoms, it is difficult for pregnant women to distinguish themselves.In this case, it is recommended that pregnant women regularly do blood routine and urine regular rules.Usually pay attention to eating less sugar, and the diet should be light.

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4. Disorders in the metabolic system

The fetus absorb nutrients from pregnant women, mainly absorb sugar as energy. If pregnant women take insufficient thermal sugar, they will decompose fat to create energy. At this time, pregnant women will have thirst.Coupled with the faster metabolism of pregnant women, including fat metabolism, protein metabolism, and moisture metabolism.Therefore, pregnant women will have thirst, and sometimes sweat often.

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