Why do you feel angry during pregnancy?

Many expectant mothers will feel that they are getting angry, and many people criticize "getting angry" a backward concept.What has actually happened?

We are commonly known as the face red eyes, lip cracks, sore throat and pain, gum bleeding, etc.Corresponding to modern medicine, it is mainly due to the changes in mental state, diet, and activities, disrupting the physiological laws, and then bacterial virus or allergens will invade the human body, causing inflammation or allergic reactions in multiple tissue organs.

Many pregnant mothers felt that they were afraid of heat and increased their body temperature in the early stages of pregnancy, and worried that this was a manifestation of the fire.In fact, this is a normal physiological phenomenon. After ovulation ovulation, follicles form luteal, secrete progestin, and progesterone can increase body temperature.After the eggs are fertilized, the luteal continues to secrete progesterone, so the body temperature is maintained at a high level.

So is it easier for pregnant women to get angry?Pregnant mothers need to know that pregnancy is not necessarily related to the so -called fire, but there are some changes in the body after pregnancy, which may be more likely to get sick. For exampleLike spicy, greasy, warm food.These are easy to make you feel angry.

Pregnant mothers may also worry that getting angry will have an impact on the baby

No study proves that the fire will affect the baby, but the cause or symptoms of the fire may have an impact on the fetus.For example, bad mood, picky eaters.Specific mothers don’t have to worry too much about getting angry. As long as the reason is found, the right medicine can easily pass the pregnancy.

The reason for getting angry, Chinese medicine believes that there are four main types

Improper diet, spicy, greasy, and warm foods, it is easy to get angry; it is easy to get angry with emotional instability, irritable and irritable pregnant mothers; pregnant mothers who sleep at night and irregular work and rest.Fire; dry and hot weather or environment can also cause symptoms of fire.

For these four reasons, there are a few points that need to be paid attention to quasi -mothers

Pregnant mothers should eat less greasy, spicy, warm foods, drink more mung bean soup, chrysanthemum tea, coarse grains and fruits, and maintain a good and optimistic good mood; go to bed early and get up early to develop good habits.In hot and dry weather, pay attention to hydration and try to avoid going out.

The above is the main content of today.For the health of themselves and the baby, pregnant mothers also have to restrain themselves appropriately during pregnancy!

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