Why do you have frequent urination during pregnancy? Most of them are related to these 4 reasons.

I have to run to the toilet in less than an hour. This rhythm is still embarrassing to the white -collar pregnant mothers who are at work.So what causes the increase in urine during pregnancy?

1. After pregnancy, the mother’s body’s metabolism is faster and metabolic products are becoming more.Urine, as one of the metabolites, is more common in its amount.

2. The body of the mother during pregnancy requires a lot of water. It may usually drink only half a cup of white -boiled mothers a day, which will increase to a cup or a half.

3. In the early stages of pregnancy and the third trimester, the baby’s head will compress the bladder, and the number of urination will increase.

4. High blood glucose value can also cause urine volume to rise. Compared with the above reasons, the rise in blood sugar during pregnancy requires mothers to pay attention.

A second -born mother named Fang talked to me about these issues.Before pregnancy, she was pretty good among her peers.However, after pregnancy, her husband and mother -in -law take good care of them. They usually do housework. The three meals and staple foods are 4 dishes and 1 soup. When they are checked at 24 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor said that blood sugar is relatively high.At that time, the frequency of going to the toilet was 2 hours, and the blood sugar value hovered around the normal line.

High blood glucose value can cause problems such as hungry, thirst, riphes, and poor mental state. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to adjustment.

1. Control the diet

In the early pregnancy, mothers may appear nausea when they eat, even if they usually like dishes they usually eat, they may not be eaten due to greasy.However, in the middle and late pregnancy, mothers usually have a big appetite. Seeing a lot of food restraint will increase the blood sugar value.Therefore, for the health of yourself and the fetus, it is better to control your appetite appropriately and eat more nutritional products that are good for stabilizing blood sugar.

2. Exercise

The first few months of my cousin was not very much loved sports. I sat at home every day to brush the drama. Later, because I was too fat, my brother -in -law took her to the park to take a walk and then control the weight.In fact, the connection between obesity and blood sugar is also relatively close. If the mother finds that she is fat too fast during pregnancy, she will wear a comfortable and loose pregnant woman in the park.It is convenient for postpartum to lose weight and maintain health.

3. Detect blood sugar regularly

Some mothers find that high blood glucose is basically during the pregnancy test, and now there are blood glucose meters detected at home on the market. It is recommended that Baoma buy it at home to pay attention to good health.

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