Why do you have pubic pain and pain during pregnancy?It turns out that there are two bones that are separated, and 5 tricks can be relieved

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Ask, "When is the most difficult stage during pregnancy?" Many pregnant mothers will talk about early pregnancy. They endure the life of early pregnancy reactions and carelessness., I really have only experienced talents.

There will also be a pregnant mother who feels that it is the third trimester. Every day on the belly, it is like a small pot. Wherever you take, it will be very tiring. If the other in the third trimester is more serious, it is even more difficult to boil.Life, such as pubic pain, should count the most difficult pain during pregnancy, how default is it?Standing pain, pain, soreness, lying pain … In short, it hurts!

@Don’t love again: The tail bone pain is terrible, sitting on a stool for ten minutes, slowly getting up, holding the tail bone pain to cry.

@: The pubic pain gets five or six times a night, turning over the pain, getting up and getting out of bed and the moment when I go to the toilet, I feel like it is as painful as a knife below.

@: I am 18 weeks now, I really do n’t know if you believe it. From 10 weeks, I started pubic pain and back pain. I went to work every day to take a car.It’s right.

@耻: My pubic bone hurts for a few months, and the due date of the next month. I couldn’t walk the way the day before yesterday.Not small, a single child, the most likely thing is because of my front placenta that it will be so serious.

It hurts!But it is not an exaggeration. I have a friend who has just gave birth to a baby a while ago. I cried several times with the pubic pain in the second trimester.

Last year, Xie Yilin also spit out pubic pain on his personal social platform when he was in his second child. He also said that "pubic pain is to the world". He wanted to end the pain as soon as possible.Tears sprayed directly, and felt "how painful", and I hope everything is peaceful.

This is the power of motherly love. Whenever it hurts to cry, but was kicked twice by the baby in the stomach, feeling the fetal movement, and I would feel that as long as the baby was born smoothly, everything was worth it. Mom is really the greatest person in the world.Intersection

Speaking of pubic pain, many pregnant mothers do not know where it hurts?Some people say that it is the ass, some say it is the waist, and some people say that it is the junction of the thigh roots and lower abdomen.

In fact, the pubic pain refers to the pain of the "pubic combination" part, but where is the pubic combination?

Female pelvis is a pelvic organ. The bones surrounded by both sides are called hip and pubic bone. The two pieces connected in front are pubic bones. These two bones are not completely growing together, but are connected by ligaments. This is connected.The location is called "pubic combination".

What does it have to do with the union with the pubic bone after pregnancy, why does it hurt here?

This is after pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly is getting bigger and larger, the weight of the pelvis will increase the pressure on the pelvis, and the gap between the pubic bone combination will become larger and more stimulating to the nervous nerves.Pain; to put it bluntly, it is the pain that the two bones are separated.

Therefore, as long as the pregnant mother’s activity and position change, the pain will occur in this place, and the greater the pressure, the more painful it will be.pain.

In addition, trauma causes pelvic malformations, pelvic deformities, or pregnant mothers with calcium deficiency, and will have severe pubic pain.

This is why "why some pregnant mothers have no feeling for the pregnant mothers to have a life." The first few types of pregnant mothers will be easier to recruit "pubic pain".

Pubic pain is an inevitable manifestation of many pregnant mothers during pregnancy. Since it can’t be avoided, is there any way to relieve pubic pain when it appears?

Of course, there have been analysis before. The most important thing for pubic pain is "increased pelvic pressure". The most effective relief method is to "reduce the pressure on the pubic bone". For specific practices, pregnant mothers can try the following these.method.

①Cap to sleep when sleeping, but the movement should be gentle

Pregnant mothers should feel. If you keep a posture when you keep sleeping, you can change your sleeping posture. You need to pay attention to changing your movements gentle when changing your posture. Try to move your body and hips. Excessive movements will make the pain worse.

Of course, in order to reduce the discomfort during sleep and reduce the pressure on the pubic bone and waist, you can also buy a pregnant woman’s pillow to support the stomach and waist, which will make the pregnant mother sleep more comfortably and reduce pain and discomfort.

② Avoid sitting for a long time and standing for a long time, and the position and standing posture of walking must be correct

This is also very important. You can sit up and walk around for more than 20 minutes, or stand for about 20 minutes, sit down and rest.

And when standing, pay attention to standing correctly to ensure that your legs are uniformly stressed, and the body’s gravity is always biased towards one side. When you sit, you have to separate your legs naturally, so that the gravity of the upper body can be evenly distributed evenly.

③ Do not wear tight clothes, lift heavy objects, do heavy physical labor, etc., increase the pressure on the abdomen to the pubic bone

Usually wearing tight clothes, or often doing heavy physical work, lifting heavy objects, etc., will increase the pressure of the abdomen to the pubic bone and aggravate pubic pain, so pay attention to avoid these points.

④ Use abdomen zone

Pregnant mothers can also consult a doctor. Under the guidance of the doctor, use the abdomen band correctly to relieve abdominal pressure, thereby reducing pubic pain.

⑤ Other methods, such as calcium supplementation, appropriate exercise, etc.

Based on calcium supplementation to enhance bone strength and tolerance, the flexibility of ligament is increased through reasonable exercise, and it also helps relieve pubic pain.

The above is a few knowledge about pubic pain. Do you have serious pubic pain during pregnancy?Or do you have a pregnant woman with a bad pubic pain around you?

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