Why do you have to do a B -ultrasound in any reason to see a doctor. What can B -ultrasound see?

Many friends have doubts. No matter what the reason is to see a doctor, they will always be asked to be a B -ultrasound first. Isn’t B -ultrasound just looking at BB when women are pregnant?Why can I be a big man/unmarried and unborn girl/after menopause, and even children can do a B -ultrasound. Is it because the doctor is changing the method to make the patient spend more money and create income for the hospital?

So let’s take a look together. Under what circumstances, doctors will perform ultrasound examinations, what can be seen for examination, and is it necessary? Is there any situation of excessive medical treatment in pit patients (・ ᷄ὢ ・ ᷅).

First of all, let’s roughly understand the principle of ultrasound.I believe that most people remember the principle of echo in the natural textbooks of elementary school (or seem to be the physics of middle school?), That is, the sound waves can actually rebound, but we can’t distinguish it most of the time.The difference between the initial sound and echo can be distinguished.In fact, the principle of ultrasound is to use the variety of transmission speed, refraction, reflection and other properties of ultrasonic waves in different objects, and then the characteristics of the waves of rebounds are different.It becomes different telecommunications signals and then shows different echo characteristics. Ultrasonic doctors interpret the image through the naked eye to conclude.

Make a simple metaphor. Suppose you have ten table tennis opponents and one is particularly water. It is very simple to find out. You can play with them one by one.

But not all organs can see through ultrasound. Those gas -containing organs, such as lungs, intestines, and esophagus, are generally invisible (there will be exceptions, and then detailed), and there is a strong one.The bones are also. It is imagined that it is like flying the flying flies directly on the wall and directly Barbie Q. There is no echo.

Therefore, for the liver, gallbladder, kidney, uterine, etc., you can use ultrasound.There is also a fetus, because the fetus lives in amniotic fluid, and the fetus in the abdomen still depends on the mother’s blood to supply oxygen, and it is also amniotic fluid, that is, there is no gas interference at all.Sexual and safety, so it will be the first choice for the checkup.

However, ultrasound is really far more than the inspection.

Take men’s more common ureteral stones. It is the pain of cone heart. There are ten levels of pain in the heart of the cone, and the pain of general ureteral stones is nine -level, which is also powerful.And ultrasound is very useful, because the kidney is first of all substantial organs, and then if the ureter is blocked, the urea is full, so that the ultrasound can come in handy.You can also see clearly.

There is also a special organ, that is, the appendix.It stands to reason that the appendix is also part of the intestine, how can you see it.First of all, the appendix does not participate in the operation of the entire intestine. At least in terms of digestion, it is a idle man.Generally speaking, it does not go through it, so there is no interference of obstacles in it, which is possible to observe, especially some people with thinner shapes, or children, are better observed.But if the appendix is hidden behind the other intestines, it is also ugly.Here, the doctor often checks the appendix in the abdominal pain around the belly button.Because appendicitis has a characteristic symptom, "metastatic right lower abdominal pain".Patients often describe the pain at the beginning of the pain at the time of the pain. Many times the pain point is at the umbilicus, but after a few days, they will move to the right lower abdomen, which is where the appendix is located.Therefore, patients with experienced emergency doctors receive abdominal pain around the umbilical cord, and they will also issue a right lower abdomen (appendix) ultrasound.Instead of ultrasonic examination of the umbilicus.(If it is the inflammation of the navel, it can also be used as an umbilical ultrasound, but doctors can often be roughly distinguished when they first start, because the umbilical umbilical inflammation generally exudes directly from the umbilicus).

In addition, the more the ultrasound is more than the organs that are close to the skin, the clearer can be seen. Like the breast and thyroid gland, it is basically the first choice of the examination method. In some casesThere are noble doctrines. In most cases, MRI cannot be replaced. We must also understand the principle of price and one point.

Therefore, because the ultrasound is relatively cheap, without radiation, doctors generally choose B -ultrasound in many imaging examinations. After all, they pay attention to evidence and diagnosis.It also requires the B -ultrasound to verify it. Sometimes, for some early lesions, it is not possible to cut it out, and the right is a physical examination.

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