Why do you vomit during pregnancy?The doctor gives this answer

The process of pregnancy is hard -working and joyful,

In the process of breeding,

Most pregnant mothers will have different degrees

Sudden appetite, nausea and vomiting, dizziness and other pregnancy reactions.

Among them, pregnancy vomiting has a great impact on pregnant mothers. Generally speaking, pregnancy vomiting will appear in the early stages of pregnancy, and the most serious during March pregnancy, and the symptoms of most pregnant women will gradually reduce.

However, up to 15%of pregnant women will be pregnant for more than 4 months, and even continue the entire pregnancy!

How to deal with pregnancy scientifically is what every pregnant mother should understand and learn to deal with.

1. Why is it pregnant?

Although modern studies have not clearly defined the specific cause of pregnancy, related studies have shown that pregnancy vomiting is related to the following aspects:

1. Change of hormones during pregnancy: A large number of female hormones after pregnancy are the main "culprit" of pregnancy vomiting, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, estrogen hormones in the human body increased sharply, and velvet fur membrane promoted gonadotropin (HCG) was even moreGrowing up may induce vomiting.

2. Lack of nutritional elements: The lack of vitamins in pregnant women may cause some serious diseases.Among them, it includes diseases with the main manifestations of pregnancy drama, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to the balance of nutrition during pregnancy or the beginning of pregnancy.

3. Genetic factors: Some studies have shown that the mother’s pregnancy is obvious during pregnancy, and the remaining daughters may also have more severe pregnancy reactions during pregnancy.Therefore, asking my mother if she had severe pregnancy in the year. If she was pregnant, she could prepare for prevention in advance when she was pregnant.

4. One hypothesis: Another way of saying is that the emergence of pregnancy is actually the self -protection mechanism of the human body. It is to remind the pregnant mother to be in a special period. At this time, you need to pay special attention to your health.

Will pregnancy vomiting hurt the baby?

To what extent, to see a doctor?

Pregnant women have a pregnancy reaction, which seems to be extremely normal to many people.

There are often relatives and elders who do n’t take it for granted, and persuade pregnant women to worry about it.

But is this really the case?

Studies have shown that early pregnancy reactions are normal, but if pregnancy is severe to a certain extent, it still needs additional attention.

1. First of all, your own body knows that if nausea and vomiting significantly affect the normal diet, and even nothing can be eaten, then you can go to the hospital for related treatment.

2. In addition, pregnancy vomiting is too severe, or it may be complications during pregnancy. It is called pregnancy drama vomiting. It manifested as extremely serious nausea and vomiting, and even caused the pregnant woman to dehydrate.The health of the fetus.

And many pregnant mothers may worry about whether pregnancy will affect the baby.

In fact: Most of the pregnancy vomiting does not affect the baby: pregnancy vomiting mainly occurs in the early pregnancy. At this time, the fetus can fully draw the nutrition stored by the pregnant mothers through the placenta to meet their own growth and development.

The pregnancy drama vomiting may affect the health of the fetus and need to pay attention and treatment early.

Is there any trick to spit?

2. If you ca n’t spitting, you can pain up. In addition to going to the hospital for treatment, there are also the following small tricks in life, which can help pregnant mothers to relieve pregnancy and improve the quality of life during pregnancy.

1. Dietary aspect

It is necessary to eat less meals. Pregnant mothers can choose a way to eat less meals to keep a small amount of food in the stomach. It does not stimulate a large amount of secretion of gastric acid, nor does it cause stomach discomfort to vomit.

Eating more protein is very effective. You can choose a high -protein diet to reduce the symptoms of nausea.

In addition, choose to eat some nuts, soy products, etc. as snacks or meals.

Tips for diet, ginger and stomach fall to stop vomiting, which can clearly relieve vomiting symptoms; honey is sweet and sweet, take a small spoon in the morning to relieve pregnancy, sweet all day.

2. Life

Avoid bad irritation, such as avoiding irritating smells such as oil fume, avoiding discomfort in contact with the screen, reducing brushing time, and avoiding full diet.The indoor air circulation and air should be kept fresh.

Everyone who likes to eat some taste, everyone who likes to eat sourness after pregnancy knows that in fact, smelling some fruit, oranges and other fruits can also relieve the feeling of nausea.

It is hoped that sharing in this issue can help pregnant mothers know more about pregnancy. When pregnant, you can calm down and calm your mind.

At the same time, I hope that pregnant mothers can spend the pregnancy steadily and have the healthiest and lovely babies!

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