Why does Bao Ma vomit during pregnancy?It turned out to protect the stability of the uterus. This is a good thing

Moms may encounter various problems during pregnancy, such as: pregnancy vomiting is one of the headaches.

Xiao Jiu shared such a story in his life: When he went home to get a document that day, he saw a guest at home, and it turned out to be a neighbor downstairs.It was nothing unusual to sit and chat together with the two elderly people, but when Xiao Jiu went home, the two quickly put away the business of talking, and there was some unnatural face on their faces, which caused Xiao Jiu’s curiosity.

Later, when he was chatting with the daughter -in -law downstairs, he asked what the two elderly people sat together and said that day?Has your mother -in -law went back to talk about this with you?

I found out that the mother -in -law of Xiao Jiu and the elderly of the neighbor’s house were sitting together that day, and said: Xiao Jiu’s mother -in -law is also taking care of her daughter -in -law after learning that her daughter -in -law is pregnant.The nutritional problems of the mother and son, but I did not expect that sometimes the hard -working things had been spit by the child’s mother before taking a few mouthfuls.This makes the old man feel a pity, so he talked with the elderly of his neighbor’s house that his daughter -in -law’s body was too bad. He was really afraid that she could not consume the nutritional constitution.

Xiao Jiu felt that he couldn’t say it, because the pregnancy had made himself uncomfortable on the one hand, but when he turned back, he encountered a mother -in -law who loved things and talked herself with her neighbors.What’s more, pregnancy vomiting is not directly related to the poor mother’s health.

What are the causes of early pregnancy vomiting?

After pregnancy, the body’s internal hormone will increase. At this time, the body will have muscle reactions, so it will cause a kind of nausea and vomiting.

In addition, after pregnancy, the body will also secrete a large amount of lutein because of the protection mechanism. This substance is used to help the uterine stability and reduce the excessive contraction of the uterine smooth muscle.Therefore, on the one hand, lutein is used to protect the uterus, and on the other hand, it will affect the smooth and smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. At this time, the stomach may cause discomfort. Therefore, indigestion will increase the possibility of nausea and vomiting acid.

And after pregnancy, their mental stress will also increase, especially the Baoma who is pregnant in the first child, may be because they have no experience or a little scared or too excited, they may become mental stress and change.For physiological changes, the physiological reactions of vomiting and nausea at this time may also occur.

Will the mothers vomiting, will the fetus be affected?

In the early pregnancy, proper pregnancy of Baoma is a normal physical response. This is a common physiological phenomenon, so there is no need to be too nervous.However, if the time of pregnancy does not last, it has been allowed to get the mothers, and they can’t eat, drink, and sleep. Then they really need to pay attention.And treatment.

During pregnancy, you need to pay attention to dietary problems.For example: some Baoma who are in the pregnancy period need to deal with high greasy or fishy dishes brought by the family, and on the one hand, they can’t control the physiological phenomenon of their vomiting, so they feel distressed.

In fact, during pregnancy, Baoma really should pay attention to diet mixing and eat less greasy and fishy foods, because these dishes are more likely to stimulate their stomach and digestive taste buds, causing vomiting.

Therefore, you can try to replace the greasy and fishy food with light and delicious dishes. Usually eating less meals is also a good diet.

During the exercise, you can prepare some of the people’s personal favorite snacks.For example: there is a bread, and the treasures feel that they can suppress their vomiting or a candy, plum, fruit, etc. as long as they take a bite, they will suppress the urge to vomit.

In addition, during the exercise, Baoma had to be happy because of the physiological pressure, so it was necessary to maintain a happy mood, because at this time, although the children did not need to take the nutrition of the maternal body too much.However, the mothers need good mental state to help them develop.Therefore, during the pregnancy, pregnant mothers must communicate with their families, and properly help pregnant mothers to divert vomiting. Communicating and walking more are good choices.

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