Why does the lower abdomen hurt from time to time when confinement?Don’t worry, mostly related to these 5 reasons!

Confinement is a common name in life. Medical refers to the mattress period, mainly refers to a period of time from the end of childbirth to the recovery of the mother’s body to pre -pregnancy state.

Whether it is well maintained during confinement is related to the recovery of physical strength and energy, so everyone must pay attention to it.And in the whole process, it is easy to feel uncomfortable, such as pain in the lower abdomen. Speaking of which, everyone must be curious, why do you have symptoms of abdominal pain when you confine?

1. qi

If a woman is in confinement in winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is relatively large. When walking from the warm indoor into the outdoor, it is easy to stimulate the human body when the cold is cold, and then the situation of qi occurs, causing the symptoms of abdominal pain.

However, the abdominal pain caused by this cause has not improved as the body temperature rises. Of course, if it does not improve, it can gently massage the abdomen. After several exhaust, the pain will disappear.

2. Low discharge is not smooth

After giving birth to a child, there is a dew in women. If it is not excreted in time, it will cause symptoms of pain in the lower abdomen. At this time, it is recommended that women drink more brown sugar water.

In addition, if the lochia is less or the exhaust is not large, you will go to the hospital as soon as possible and deal with it under the guidance of the professionals, otherwise it will easily induce other infection problems.

3. Pain after birth

From the perspective of physiology, the uterus is larger to a certain limit during pregnancy, and after giving birth to a child, the uterus will continue to work in order to restore the size of the previous abdomen, which will cause the pain in the lower abdomen.It will disappear about this pain in about a week.

Therefore, if the pain appears for a while, women must pay more attention to rest. Do not sit or stand for a long time. In addition, you can take a side -to -side posture to rest, which can effectively reduce the pain of pain.

Secondly, if a week, the pain still exists, and women can massage the abdomen with a little energy.

4. Pelvic inflammatory disease

Giveting a child is a very physical and energetic thing, and after the production, women’s physical resistance decreases. I do not pay attention to the hygiene of private parts.Essence

Therefore, in order to prevent it before, after women’s production, they must clean their private parts every day.But do not use clean products, otherwise it is easy to destroy the pH environment of the genitals. Normally, warm water can achieve very good results.

5. Cool

If you do n’t pay attention to your body after you have just given birth, especially in autumn and winter, the cold air can easily condense on the abdomen, which eventually causes pain in the lower abdomen.If this factors are caused by women, they should pay attention to keep warm and drink more warm water or brown sugar water.

In general, during the confinement, the feeling of pain in women’s abdomen is more common. It is more related to the 5 factors mentioned above.When you go to the hospital, choose the correct method for treatment to avoid causing more serious health problems.

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