Why don’t modern young people want to get married and have children?There are 4 practical reasons

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in recent years, my country’s marriage rate has been in a state of "falling". In 2022, the number of weddings was only 7.1 million pairs, which has fallen below 10 million pairs for 4 consecutive years.Compared with the 13.46 million pairs in 2013, it fell 48%year -on -year, which is equivalent to the waist folding.

As the marriage rate of young people continues to decline, it will inevitably bring a more severe problem -the number of newborn in my country continues to decline every year.According to the data, as of 2022, the number of newborn in my country has dropped to 9.56 million, and in 2016, there were 17.86 million domestic newborns, which is also a state of "blocking".

Although in the past few years, my country has opened a second child and a third -child policy, young people seem to be reluctant to buy it.Because from the perspective of the number of marriage rates or children’s birth, there are more and more young people who are not married.

So, what is going on with modern young people who are unwilling to get married or have children?There are 4 practical reasons behind it.

Among the traditional concepts of Chinese people, it is very normal for men to be strong and female. Men, as the master of the family, are the pillars of the family, while women rely on men, and many men are used to their own status in their families.

However, with the changes in the times, more and more women have shown their ability to be stronger than men in the workplace.Women are more inclined to find a stronger ability than their own ability in marriage, which makes it difficult for many ordinary men to become their choice.

In this context, ordinary men, especially rural men with a large number of economic conditions, are difficult to find the right object, and it is difficult for a large number of outstanding women to gather in the city.

Over time, there will be many men left in rural areas, and there are many women left in the city, and the distribution of resources is difficult to balance.

The marriage conditions that women generally demand are very harsh. Not only are women in cities, women in rural areas have also begun to ask for targets to buy houses, cars, giving gifts, marriage hardware, etc.The house price per square meter has stumped a lot of heroes.

A considerable part of the men. Because they are unwilling to bear the cost of marriage, they are not willing to do their parents to get their wealth or even carry giant debt for their parents. In the end, it is no way to take the initiative to choose single.

At present, young people are really under pressure to work. Most people are about 25 years old after graduating from college. If they take graduate students or something, they may have to go out of social work at the age of 20 to 30.This means that when many young people have just left the society, they have to face the problem of getting married.But at this time, they often do not have the economic ability to get married. Without the help of parents, it is really difficult to solve practical problems.

In addition, it is not easy for young people to find a stable job. It is difficult to work in the place where there is a place where there is work. The pressure on the place where young people are affected are very high.

Now raising children is only very worried about education on the issue of education. The cost of raising children is even more difficult to accept for most parents.First of all, from the child’s pregnancy to the 2 years old, if there is no maternity insurance, at least it should be nearly 50,000 to 100,000 yuan.

When the child starts to go to kindergarten, the cost of a child from elementary and university will also cost about 500,000 in small cities, and first -tier and second -tier cities may double.Under such circumstances, even if many young people are married, the problem of having children is cautious. It is already a "extreme challenge" for them to give birth to them.

In summary, the reason for young people is unwilling to have children. The reason is that raising baby is too great in economic and mental pressure.I don’t know what you think of this?

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