Why don’t you know when you are pregnant, but can others see at a glance?Just because a few performances are too obvious

@: Take the subway with my husband to shop in the mall. On the seat, an elderly aunt looked at me and said, "Is it pregnant, for a few months?"My husband and I were surprised, and answered aunt politely, saying not yet.It wasn’t serious about it, but after about ten days, I was pregnant.

@: I did n’t know when I was pregnant. When Tian Tian and her mother -in -law went out to work, my mother -in -law ’s friend, Auntie Lin quickly greeted, and chatted. Lin fell in love with me and asked me if I was.When I was pregnant, I shook my head and said no. The aunt is coming these days, but my stomach hurts.But who would have thought that the result was really pregnant, and the doctor said when the hospital was checked that the embryo was painful in bed.This makes me very confused. Why can Auntie Lin see that I am pregnant?

Why do some people have experience and people who come to see after pregnancy?In fact, starting from 6 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers will have more or less pregnant symptoms, and 7 of them have "obvious" physical reactions.

1. Menstruation stop

Menstruation is the best manifestation. If you have a menstrual period after the same room, there is no menstruation after 10 days. If you have a delayed habits of menstruation, you may be pregnant.Of course, this does not rule out that individual people affect hormonal secretion due to factors such as work pressure, diet, etc., and like some gynecological diseases can also cause irregular menstruation.However, if you have n’t menstruation for 10 days after the same room, you need to go to the pharmacy to buy early pregnancy test strips. You can see if you are pregnant.

2. Sleamed

After pregnancy, women will have a state of fatigue and want to sleep.I still feel weak. Many women think that this is caused by their own fatigue. As everyone knows, this kind of drowsiness is a manifestation of pregnancy.If there is a period of drowsiness in the same room, it is also obvious. It is recommended to take a early pregnancy test.

3. Nausea, poor appetite

Some women have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and poor appetite after pregnancy.Some expectant mothers have a large reaction and some reactions are relatively small.However, if there is severe vomiting, if you are not pregnant, you must go to the hospital for a physical examination to see if you have a discomfort.

4. Change of taste changes

After pregnancy, the taste of women will change significantly. For example, what I usually like to eat, do not like to eat, and do not like what they eat, but may become particularly like to eat.For a period of time after the same room, if there are some changes in women’s tastes, it may be a manifestation of pregnancy, and it should also pay attention to and verify.

5, frequent urine

After women’s pregnancy, frequent urination occurs. This is a normal physiological phenomenon after pregnancy. This is due to the increase in body metabolites and increasing uterine enlargement to the bladder, which will lead to increased urine and natural frequent urination.

6. Character temperature change

Women during pregnancy can often test their body temperature changes. Women’s normal body temperature will show a two -way curve. The body temperature is low before ovulation, and the body temperature will increase significantly after ovulation.If the menstruation does not come, there is no decrease in the temperature after the body temperature rises, and this high body temperature lasts for more than 2 weeks, it can basically be determined that it is pregnant.

7. Breast pain, abdominal pain

In addition to some early pregnancy reactions after pregnancy, some women also have breast pain and abdominal pain, and Yin Road will also secrete pale pink or brown secretions. These symptoms are not that the aunt is coming, and the possibility of pregnancy is very high.It is recommended to confirm early pregnancy examination.

After pregnancy, expectant mothers will have early pregnancy reactions, such as drowsiness, taste changes, pregnancy vomiting, etc.These changes can be seen at a glance in the eyes of experienced or coming.

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