Why is it easy to be awakened and lighter after pregnancy? What should I do?

Pregnant mothers are difficult to fall asleep, sleep lightly, and poor sleep quality, which is not uncommon.The main reason can be summarized into the following aspects:

Early pregnancy hormone changes

In the early stages of pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels in the body, pregnant mothers may have various discomfort, such as: nausea and vomiting, breast tenderness, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, increased body temperature, increasing lumination, leg cramps, etc.Affect sleep.

Physiological changes in the middle and late pregnancy

In the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant mothers may encounter some new problems and affect sleep.for example:

1. Back pain

The baby in the belly gradually grows up, and it is difficult for pregnant mothers to find a comfortable posture lying down.

2. fetal movement

From the third month of pregnancy, more fetal movements will also affect mothers enter deep sleep.

3. Emotional anxiety

Regarding the upcoming childbirth, the nervousness of the baby, the concerns of work and family responsibilities, it will cause many pregnant mothers to have anxiety, and there is no way to sleep well.

Part of pregnancy disease

Some diseases may also make pregnant mothers not sleep well. The common ones are the following 3:

1. Obstructive sleep apnea and low ventilation syndrome

Increased weight, nasal congestion, etc. will allow pregnant mothers to snore during pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers may develop into obstructive sleep apnea, which seriously affects sleep quality.

2. Uncomfortable leg syndrome

Pregnant mothers with uneasy leg syndrome will feel that the lower limbs are tingling, itchy, or a pull. This feeling will cause the impulse of the limbs that cannot be suppressed, which makes it difficult to fall asleep.According to investigations, mothers with 1/4 to 1/3 may have been plagued by uneasy leg syndrome.

3. Gastric esophageal reflux disease

The gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as stomach burning, can cause uncomfortable burning sensation in the esophagus, especially when lying down.1/3 of the early pregnancy mothers and many mothers in the third trimester are troubled by this issue.

It is easy to be awakened and sleepy during pregnancy. What should I do?

Find the best sleep posture during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers will exacerbate back pain and compress veins, which is not recommended.

During pregnancy, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, lying on the left side, and the legs are slightly curly with legs are the best sleeping posture during pregnancy.This posture can promote blood flowing to the heart, kidneys and uterus.Lying on the right side is also a choice.

In addition, it is recommended that pregnant mothers choose a suitable pregnant woman’s pillow. Pregnant women’s pillows can help support the abdomen and waist and back and reduce stress.

Develop good sleep habits

Good sleep habits help improve the overall sleep quality, pregnant mothers can do the following things.

1. Keep the bedroom cool, dark, quiet.

2. Regular work and rest, try to ensure that you fall asleep on time.

3. Arrange your nap in the daytime, such as 1 to 2 pm to avoid interfere with night sleep.

4. Relax before bedtime, such as hot bath, bubble feet, etc.

5. Pay attention to diet.Avoid caffeine, spicy food and excessive food before bedtime. Do not drink too much water before going to bed to avoid frequent nights.

6. Keep your physical and mental health during pregnancy.

7. Keep moderate physical exercise. The exercise suitable for pregnant mothers include yoga and walks.

8. If you have anxiety or depression, ask your doctor as soon as possible.

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