Why is it pregnant after pregnancy?Some people say hormones, some people say physical fitness, the fourth answer is reliable

Pregnancy is a happy thing, and not only happiness brings to pregnancy, but also a lot of experience that makes pregnant women miserable.Speaking of pregnancy, it is estimated that many mothers have to say endless suffering. Why isn’t the fairy mother?From knowing that I was pregnant, I spit until my child was born.

Why do women vomit after pregnancy? Some people say that it is physique, some say it is hormone, I think this is lucky.

What is pregnant?

Pregnant vomiting refers to the reaction of nausea and vomiting when pregnant women smell the odor and eat things.Pregnancy is also a common normal pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, and about 60%of pregnant women will experience this annoyance.Why do women vomit after pregnancy?

1. Stimulation of hormones

Some people say that the reason why a woman is pregnant after pregnancy is related to the human velvet gonad hormone secreted by fertilized eggs. This hormone secretes strongly in the early pregnancy and is easily absorbed by the mother, which can cause pregnancy vomiting.

2. Sensitive smell and taste sensitive

After a woman is pregnant, the sense of smell and taste becomes more sensitive. Some disobedient tastes and the taste of far away will be easily perceived by pregnant women, and they will soon produce the desire to nausea and vomiting.

3. Self -protection of the fetus

After women are pregnant, their stomachs become extremely sensitive. Some foods that usually eat may contain trace harmful substances, and their bodies can resist.But when you eat these foods after pregnancy, the fetus thinks that these foods will destroy the mother and their own health, which will stimulate the stomach and let the mother spit out these unhealthy food.

4, luck

Fairy mother believes that women will encounter pregnancy vomiting after pregnancy, have little relationship with physique and hormones, and have a greater component.Because there are a lot of second -child mothers who encounter the problem of not vomiting the first child, the second child vomits to die.The same person is also pregnant, and even the sex of the fetus, but encounters two very different experiences.Therefore, vomiting does not vomit after pregnancy, and the most important thing is to look at luck.

What happens during pregnancy?

As a common pregnancy reaction, pregnancy vomiting is usually started at the fourth week after pregnancy. At 12 weeks, the frequency and degree of pregnancy vomiting reached the peak.By 20 weeks, pregnancy vomiting has basically eased, but some pregnant women have been vomiting until their children are born, such as that unfortunate person.

Whether you will vomit after pregnancy depends on your physique and luck. If you really encounter pregnancy, you may wish to try the following 10 methods to get along with pregnancy to help your baby grow up healthy.

1. Eat less meals

If you really encounter pregnancy vomiting, try eating less diet.Every time I eat, I only eat half of the original diet, and the number of diet is changed from three meals a day to five meals a day.Melieve pregnancy by reducing the sense of fullness of the abdomen.

2. Light food

Women’s sense of smell and taste after pregnancy becomes sensitive, and some greasy, fishy, spicy flavors can easily cause nausea and vomiting of pregnant women. At this timeAnd vomiting.

3. Stay away from greasy food

After a woman’s pregnancy, the lutein in the body will slow the motility of the stomach and intestines and extend the time of food digestion.Common fries, fried chicken, and burgers contain high oil, which extends the time of gastrointestinal emptying and increases the possibility of pregnancy.

However, pregnant women want to eat and eat it. They do not exclude pregnant women to eat these foods, but be careful not to excess.

4. Separate wet and wet

When pregnant women eat, try to separate food and liquid, eat and vegetables first, and drink soup or drink water after half an hour.

5. The wonderful use of lemonade

Every morning and evening and meals is a period of high incidence of pregnancy. At this time, pregnant mothers may wish to drink a glass of lemonade, which can alleviate the problem of nausea and retching.

6. Don’t eat too hot food

The steaming food will be relatively large, and naturally it will increase the possibility of nausea and vomiting.At this time, we might as well eat the food before eating, so that the smell becomes smaller, and it will not be nauseous to eat.

7. Don’t empty the stomach

Many pregnant women are for beauty, and they are like diet to lose weight during pregnancy. This will not only increase the possibility of malnutrition of fetal fetuses, but also increase the probability of pregnancy.The empty stomach will enlarge the disgusting discomfort. Pregnant women may wish to put some fruits and snacks around them. If you are hungry, eat some time. Don’t let the empty stomach take too long.

8. The wonderful use of ginger

Many pregnant mothers find a strange phenomenon. Adding some ginger to food can alleviate the sense of nausea and reduce the probability of vomiting. At present, no ginger will have any adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses.

9. Don’t swallow

After a woman is pregnant, the more pregnant women with severe pregnancy, the more saliva secretes, and the shape looks like a bubble of crab vomiting.At this time, it is not recommended to swallow saliva. It is best to improve the oral environment and reduce the chance of pregnancy through the method of rinse.

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