Why is the legs swollen during the third trimester?Five methods effectively alleviate edema during pregnancy

Chancan is 8 months pregnant. From 7 and a half months, the two legs have began to swell slightly. It has developed to the present, and the legs and feet have been bigger.Although friends say that many people will be edema when they are pregnant, this is normal, but Chan Chan is still worried, I do n’t know if there will be any hidden dangers, and I do n’t know how to alleviate the edema.

Edema during pregnancy is a common symptom of the third trimester. Generally, there is no need to do special treatment, but expectant mothers can relieve edema symptoms through diet regulation, exercise, massage and other methods.

There are two main causes of edema during pregnancy. First, the placenta secreted a large amount of estrogen secretion after pregnancy, which promotes the effect of water and salt in the human body, so the phenomenon of edema is produced; the second is that as the uterus continues to increase, the pelvic cavity and the cavity and the cavity and the cavity and the cavity and the cavity and the cavity and the cavity andThe veins of the lower limbs are hindered to varying degrees of return to the lower cavity vein, which causes edema of the lower limbs.

The specific manifestation of edema during pregnancy is when pressing the ankle or calf with your fingers, concave edema may occur, and some severe edema will also extend to the thighs or abdomen, and even the whole body.

Edema during pregnancy is a common symptom of the third trimester. If it is not serious, it is generally not required for special treatment.Whether these edema belongs to the signals from other diseases, such as pregnancy hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, etc.So as not to delay the illness and affect the health of expectant mothers and fetuses.

For some normal edema during pregnancy, the following methods can be relieved.

1. Pay attention to rest

By the third trimester, the increasing uterine compressed the venous blood vessels and caused the venous blood of the return heart to varying degrees, which caused the symptoms of edema, especially when standing or sitting for a long time.It will be more serious. Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to sitting properly and rest after standing for a long time. After sitting for a long time, they should change their postures and move their legs.

2. Diet conditioning

After pregnancy, the function of adjusting salt and moisture decreases after pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women should control the amount of salt in daily life. Generally, the daily salt intake should not exceed 6 grams.High pickled products, expectant mothers should eat as little or not.In addition, edema and malnutrition also have a certain relationship. Nutritional hypogonermia, anemia, etc. are also a common cause of mothers’ edema. Therefore, pay attention to intake of high -quality protein (such as meat, eggs, milk and milk during pregnancy during pregnancy.Products, soybean and soy products, etc.) and iron -rich foods (such as animal liver, etc.).

3. The correct lying posture

Use the left side position during sleep, which can avoid compressing to the lower limb veins and reduce the resistance of blood return. When lying flat, the leg is raised, which can accelerate the blood flow, make the blood easier to return to the heart, reduce the effects of intravenous pressure in the vein pressureIt can effectively alleviate foot swelling during pregnancy, and can also prevent diseases such as varicose veins in the lower limbs.

4. Appropriate walk

Walking is a very suitable way for expectant mothers. When expectant mothers are walking, the contraction of calf muscles can help vein blood return to the heart smoothly. Therefore, walking is also an effective way to alleviate the swelling of the pregnancy.

5. Massage for the calf

When sitting and watching TV or chatting after dinner, the prospective dad can help the prospective mother pinch the calves and feet, which can not only prevent and eliminate edema, but also increase the feelings of both sides.

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