Why is there hypoxia during pregnancy? What are the performance of the baby’s hypoxia?

Pregnant mothers will change greatly after pregnancy. With the development of the fetus, the expectant mothers will also have a lot of pregnancy reactions, especially in the later stage, expectant mothers will have difficulty breathing, panic, these symptoms, and they will also be panic.Thinking whether the baby is also hypoxic, here is a popular science to everyone:

Expectant mothers have difficulty breathing or shortness of breath. This does not mean that the baby is hypoxic because the baby’s oxygen consumption increases by 10-20%(of which 50%of the fetus consumed).The volume of lungs increases by 40%. In order to meet the demand for the pregnant woman and the fetus, pregnant women often excessively breathe.The fetus has no breathing function in the mother. It depends on the mother’s inhalation of oxygen and discharged carbon dioxide. Therefore, pregnant women often feel short of breath and difficulty breathing.Therefore, the hypoxia of Baoma will also affect the baby!

However, there are many reasons that cause hypoxia in the fetus. The three aspects of mother, fetus, and placenta may cause fetal hypoxia; the oxygen required by the fetus is from the expectant mothers.Acute blood loss or fever anesthesia, sedative control breathing can cause blood vessel contraction; the fetus itself can also cause it, such as umbilical cord knotting, reversing these; finally, the fetus itself is developing!

The manifestation of the fetal hypoxia is the first to be fetal movement. Generally, it will feel the movement of the fetus for nearly 5 months.The frequency of fetal movement is less than 10/12 hours or more than 40/12 hours, and it is said that the fetus may be hypoxic in the palace.Pregnant women should observe the fetal movement closely. If the fetal activity is abnormal, it may be that the fetus is hypoxic and it needs to be treated in time. Then there is the fetal heart. The normal fetus is 120-160.It is necessary to pay close attention; finally, the fetal development is stagnant, and the growth of the fetus can measure the palace height. After 28 weeks, it is one centimeter a week. The fetal hypoxia will grow slowly!

If the fetus is hypoxic, the first choice is to choose the left position to rest, usually the left side position, increase the blood supply of the uterus and placenta, and go directly to the hospital to absorb oxygen;Insufficient to fall asleep on the left side of life, maintain a good mood, have a relaxed mentality, and usually move!After 5 months, pay close attention to the state of the fetal treasure, and wish every treasure mother who takes pregnancy!This article will help you, I hope to pay attention!

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