Why should I cut my hair after pregnancy?the answer is

Whenever a pregnant mother is pregnant, she always entangle whether she should cut her hair.Some local customs believe that pregnant mothers are not easy to cut their hair, simply moving the tire gas, and obscure their children.Some pregnant mothers think that the hair is too long and will draw the fetal nutrients, so they should cut their hair.These views have no scientific basis.

If you are still struggling with cutting your hair, there are some mothers who have given birth to biography here for reference for pregnant mothers.

Lina mother: I cut it as soon as she was pregnant.I belong to the kind of person who is very heavy.I was tired enough to go to work during the day. I was very simple to sleep at home, and I didn’t want to wash my hair and blow dry.Later, it was cut off and convenient.

Lele Mom: Watching the news during pregnancy, saying that long hair has hidden safety hazards, and simply becomes a weapon to hurt children.There was a 12 -month -old baby who was wrapped in a long hair of her mother when she was sleeping at night and almost suffocated.Regardless of whether the audio is true or not, for the safety of the child, I will cut it.

Xuanxuan Mom: After giving birth to a child, I know I love my hair.Basically, the local area is full of long hair.Every day, I think the floor is too dirty, and it is hard to clean.The original was not cut when I was pregnant. In order to reduce Bai Yan’s burden, it was still cut.

Dongdong Mom: Long hair is simply super troublesome to confinement.After giving birth to the child’s body, he was sweating every day.Bai Yan does not let his hair, his hair is greasy, and eventually it is not smooth.

Little Q mother: The most terrible thing was that the baby vomited inexplicably.The results of the results found a long hair in the child’s mouth.I don’t know how to eat milk. She was in her mouth, and now I think of it.

Indeed, the long hair that takes care of the short hair must be simpler.But in modern science, short hair has the following advantages.

The first is not easy to hurt.If the wet hair is not dry in time, it will be simply wounded by the wind.Whether it is a mother or a postpartum mother during pregnancy, try not to take medicine as much as possible.Short hair can avoid such risks as much as possible.

The second is good for fetal health.When the long hair blows dry, there are some stone cotton fibers in the hot air blowing from the hair dryer.If you accidentally pass the respiratory tract and skin of the pregnant mother into the blood, and enter the fetus to induce fetal malformation in the fetus through the placental blood.

The third is feeding convenience.After giving birth, the mother was hard to bring her children.The long hair was swept around the child’s face, and some skin -sensitive babies would feel itchy and sad, and even scratched the skin.

Fourth, it is convenient to clean postpartum.Especially during the confinement period, short hair is very easy to maintain.

So whether to cut hair during pregnancy is also related to your own habits.It is more suitable for mothers who want to leave long hair to keep their hair on their shoulders. In addition to the above reasons, the main factors are also to facilitate cleaning their hair.

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