Why should she eat folic acid 3 months in advance before pregnancy?I got the answer from the book

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I believe that some people, like me, do not know what folic acid is because of pregnancy?[Smile]

I do n’t know, since the beginning of pregnancy, folic acid has to be supplemented, that is, at least 3 months before pregnancy, I started eating folic acid tablets.

I was curious at the time!

Grandpa and grandma did not hear that she wanted to eat folic acid?

Is folic acid lacking in the human body?

Why eat folic acid 3 months in advance?

What if someone doesn’t know, or if you don’t get it, what will happen if you don’t eat it?

What is folic acid to prevent?

I believe you have these questions too?I took these questions to consult some information, and summarized it for reference.

Folic acid is a water -soluble vitamin.Many literature reports that the lack of folic acid is directly related to diseases such as neuroplastin, giant cell anemia, cleft lip and palate, depression, and tumor.

(Image source: Union experts for giving birth to Great Encyclopedia)

In 2000, the Chinese Nutrition Association suggested that the recommended intake of folic acid in daily diet of childcare women is 400 micrograms.(From-Baidu Encyclopedia)

I went to the pharmacy to buy Sliang folic acid tablets, a box of 93 tablets and more than 70 yuan. It was just 3 months. Once once a day, one piece at a time, one piece is 400 micrograms.The picture below is the Silian folic acid I bought.

The total content of folic acid in the human body is only about 5 to 6 mg, which can only be obtained from external food or drugs.

The level of folic acid in pregnant women during pregnancy is significantly lower than normal values, so extra supplements to folic acid are necessary.

Newborns with fetal nerve tube deformities are not uncommon in my country. There are about 80,000 to 100,000 patients each year. Symptoms such as spinal bales, limb disease and cerebral deformities, and brain deformed symptoms may cause children. The possibility of disability or death is very high.(From network information)

Studies have found that the lack of folic acid in early pregnancy is the main cause of fetal nerve tube malformation.

1. Because the nerve tube is closed 3-4 weeks when the embryo develops, many women have only begun to supplement folic acid after learning that they are pregnant. At this time, it is already half a month after fertilization.Developing inadequate development due to sufficient folic acid, which causes the fetus to have brain and spinal cord defects.(Source "Perfect Preparation of New Guide" editor -in -chief, Ma Liangkun)

(The editor -in -chief of the source of the "Perfect Preparation of pregnancy", Ma Liangkun)

2. After starting folic acid, it takes 4 weeks to improve, and it needs to be replenished for 12 weeks to reach a stable state.Therefore, 400 micrograms of folic acid (supplement) must be supplemented every day from preparing for pregnancy.(Source "Eat the Preparation of Preparation of Pregnancy and Pregnancy Nutrition Meal" author, Liu Dan, Wang Xingguo)

(The source of the picture source "The Preparation of Preparation of Pregnancy and Pregnancy Nutrition Meal" author, Liu Dan, Wang Xingguo)

(The source of the picture source "The Preparation of Preparation of Pregnancy and Pregnancy Nutrition Meal" author, Liu Dan, Wang Xingguo)

At 2 points, it is a good explanation why folic acid is supplemented before pregnancy.

But if you are pregnant and you find that you do n’t eat folic acid before, do n’t be too nervous and anxious.

Although it is too late than pregnancy, it is also a probability event after all.

Online data shows that the incidence of neuromatical defects is only about 1/1000, and most of the malformations can also be found through pregnancy examinations.It’s best to consult a doctor.

The growth and development of the baby’s organs in the later period also requires the support of folic acid. Take folic acid in time after pregnancy, and regularly check.

Then there is one problem left.

Why have people in the past never heard that she wants to eat folic acid and can also give birth to a healthy baby?(I believe that the older generation may tell you not to eat folic acid, it is three -point poison or something …)

I personally think that the previous natural environment, fresh air, less industrial pollution, diet, etc. are better than now, or because the previous women’s fertility age is mostly earlier than now, or the baby’s deformity rate is also high., But everyone does not know why the reason is.

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