Why should she have 10 children in a row?

She, a rural woman’s house.Life can be called "legend", humble and stubborn.

When she got married, it can be said that people in Shili and Eight Township came to watch.Because the fourteen -year -old bride is a pregnant woman who is about to be facing.The small belly, the big belly, how the childlike girl’s face can not attract the curiosity of rural people.

The man she married was low, short, ugly and old, and she was more than ten years old.Because of his poor family, his wife has not been found.

Because her parents were long for a long time, she and her brother and sister kept the door at home.In this way, she was raped in a dark night.For her at the time, she only knew that this was something that could not be seen, not to mention she didn’t know who the other party was.So she kept her mouth like a bottle, and never mentioned it to anyone.

At the end of the year, when her parents returned from a foreign country, Wu Lei bumped, and her pregnancy was very obvious.At that time, it was impossible for tires to not only need money.So her mother inquired everywhere, as long as someone wanted it, she would marry.

Soon after marrying, she cried for a few days in the pain of heartbroken lungs. At the age of fourteen, she finally gave birth to a healthy boy.

Because there was an appointment at the time, the child could be born but could not be left.So after giving birth to, she watched her mother inserted directly into the baby’s throat with a pair of chopsticks and ended his life.

After that, she officially opened her career.When I was a kid, I saw her either a big belly or holding a child.

But no, she kept giving birth to ten children.Destiny seemed to be very unfair to her.She and her husband were both boys, but they were all boys, but they did not survive.Seven girls were born later, one more strong than the other.Even if you don’t eat less, don’t cover your clothes.She is still working hard to give birth to a son.

Until the hard work, she couldn’t hide from the family planning, and she unwilling to collect her belly.Because of the severe superb birth, the third child did not even have a hukou at the beginning, and he could not distinguish the land.In addition to maintaining the full food of seven children, they really have no ability to send them to study.

Because of her boring past, because she was not born to her son, she was abandoned by a man for a lifetime and laughed at her neighbor.But she still raised 7 daughters.Even if I haven’t read a book, I don’t worry about marrying, but the object of marriage is poorer than one, but she wants a lot of Cai Li.

So she became the first person in our village.The Xiaoyanglou was covered early, and it was also a very rare phone at that time.It turns out that having a daughter is still good.

When her family had money, she firmly wanted to clear the boundaries with her man and relieve her illegal cohabitation relationship.After all, marrying him was her unbalanced, and for most of his life, he did not receive a marriage certificate.

The man had to rely on her, and she was ready to enjoy her life.But fate seemed to have a joke with her and got breast cancer.Before dying, he also told that he would not be buried with the same acupoint with men.

In this way, she hurriedly ended her life like a fertility machine.

Even if this stubborn woman has nine children with this man, after half a lifetime, she does not love or not love.

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