Will a cold medicine a month before pregnancy cause fetal malformations?These are taboos during pregnancy

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Now everyone pays more attention to the eugenics and good health, and we all know that the drug will affect the fetus. You can try not to take medicine or eat less medicine during pregnancy or pregnancy.However, some women will take cold medicine or other drugs without knowing their pregnancy, so in the next days, they are afraid of it, for fear that it will have a bad impact on the baby.

Xiaohong has been married for more than a year. Recently, parents of both parties are urging them to ask their babies, so they start to prepare for pregnancy, but when they are prepared to get a cold, they think that they have to go to the baby so soon.I was pregnant after the month, and now I am particularly tangled. I wonder if this baby can?

After asking the doctor, the doctor said: Because the fertilized egg has not been generated one month before pregnancy, and the efficacy of the cold and cough medicine is not so long, so I took a cold and cough after taking a cold one month before pregnancy.It ’s good to let it go, do n’t worry too much, do each check -out on time in the later period.

The doctor also said that if you take a cold medicine after pregnancy, it may have an impact on the fetus, but in the end, whether the baby can still depend on the specific situation combined with the inspection.When she heard the doctor said, she was relieved.

Although I took a week of cold medicine for a week during pregnancy, so I do n’t need this baby, but pay more attention during pregnancy, especially the following behaviors may affect the fetus.

Behavior 1. Long -term oral contraceptive pills

Contraceptives are hormone drugs. No matter what type of contraceptive pills, the role of the same role is the same. It is to change the "cervical mucus density" by "inhibiting ovulation", so that the sperm cannot enter the uterus or interfere with the uterus by interfere with the uterusThe function of the gland reduces the survival rate of the blastocyst, thereby achieving the effect of contraception.

Therefore, women who are used to using "oral contraceptives" contraceptive should be conceived after discontinuation of the contraceptive pill for six months.

If you are pregnant shortly, it will cause unstable hormones in the body and cause damage to the fetus; and after oral contraceptives enter the human body, it will take at least six months to completely discharge after metabolic absorption.

Therefore, women who have long -term drug contraception and intend to want their babies should discontinue contraceptives six months in advance before pregnancy, and then switch to other ways during the drug discontinuation.

Behavior 2. Taking drugs for a long time to treat physical diseases

"It is three poisonous drugs". While inhibiting or killing virus cells, any drug will also have a negative effect on normal physiological cells, and nutrients such as vitamins are no exception.

Those who are weak or need to take drugs for a long time because of some diseases, especially hormones and antibiotics, toxins will accumulate in the body, affecting the quality of sperm and eggs.

Even if the conception is successful, the toxins will pass through the placenta, and then absorb by the fetus, which will eventually cause fetal malformations or cause miscarriage and premature birth. This is not conducive to mother and baby health.

Therefore, if there is a long -term medication, no matter which husband and wife should take care of medicine before planning to be pregnant, in order to prevent adverse consequences, it is best to be able to conceive after half a year.

Behavior three, irradiation X -rays

The discovery of X -rays and medical applications are a major progress of human medicine, but it is also a double -edged sword, which helps to find the cause, which may also cause cell mutations.

Although there are not many items that need to be performed in conventional examinations, this small amount of rays can kill human reproductive cells, especially women who are preparing for or pregnant.It will increase.

So remind women that during the necessary X -ray inspection, they should take the initiative to ask the doctor to take protection measures.

If a woman in pregnancy should wait for 1 month after X -rays, and then get pregnant for 1 month; if you are pregnant, avoid X -rays.

Therefore, when the couple discussed the baby, they must be prepared for pregnancy and take it seriously. The above will affect the fetus’ behavior.Finally, I wish the pregnant couples can be pregnant.

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