Will abortion cause endometrium to thinner?What are the factors of endometrial thinning?One time

The topic to be said today is closely related to women’s endometrium in women.Many women do a B -ultrasound when preparing for pregnancy. The report will show the thickness of the endometrium on the report form. Whether it can be pregnant is also one of the factor in the uterine endometrium.

The concept of endometrium

The endometrium can respond to estrogen and progesterone, which can change significantly as the sexual cycle.The endometrium is divided into dense layers, sponge layers, and base layers.Two -thirds of the endometrium surface are dense layers and sponge layers, which are falling off by the cycle of ovarian hormones.

Endometrium like soil

As the saying goes, the early embryo looks like a seed, and the endometrium is the soil. The seeds grow up slowly, and a suitable apprentice needs to take root.If the land is fertile, the seeds can be settled here and grow well; if the land is barren, the seeds will affect its growth and development even if it is settled.Therefore, whether the endometrium is "fertile" is particularly important, because this is an important factor in whether the embryo can grow smoothly.

The endometrium is thin and affects pregnancy?

If the endometrium is too thin, it is not conducive to the embryo to bed, the probability of pregnancy will be reduced. Even if it is pregnancy, the chance of abortion is also high.How thick is the endometrium that is most conducive to pregnancy?The answer is 7-8 mm.Of course, the thickness of the endometrium will change with the changes in the menstrual cycle. When the superior follicles ovulate ovulation, the thickness of the endometrium is the thickest.In the following, the endometrium is considered thin.

The endometrium is thin, which may be these reasons

① Low hormone level

If the level of estrogen and progesterone in women is low, or ovulation disorders, the endometrium will become thinner.

② The endometrium is damaged

The endometrium can be infected, inflammatory, or mechanical damage. Mechanical damage is more common in artificial abortion. This will cause the endometrium to become thinner or even cause adhesion of the uterine cavity.

③ Long -term negative emotional stimulus

Women’s long -term tension leads to endocrine disorders and will also affect the thickness of the endometrium. Therefore, women should learn to relax and regulate their mentality before and after pregnancy.

Is it necessary to check the endometrium?

Generally speaking, you can do a good pre -pregnancy examination. You do n’t have to check it specially, and the main purpose of B -ultrasound is to see the overall situation of the uterus and attachments.If women have been menstrual laws, there is no history of abortion and infertility, and even if the endometrium is thin, don’t worry too much.The endometrium is indeed very thin, and you can wait for the next menstrual ovulation period again.

Guiding experts in this article: Tan Xiaozhang, deputy chief physician of the gynecology department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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