Will diarrhea during pregnancy cause abortion and premature birth?

Diarrhea is a common disease during pregnancy. Mild diarrhea is not large, but if the diarrhea is serious, it may cause serious consequences.

For example: dehydration, electrolyte disorders, and lack of nutrition of mothers and fetuses, in severe cases, they may also lead to abortion and premature birth.

Symptoms of diarrhea during pregnancy

In the same way, diarrhea in pregnant women needs to meet the following three symptoms at the same time to be regarded as pregnant women diarrhea.

1. The number of defecations becomes more

If the number of stools in pregnant women increases significantly, this situation lasts more than two days, and it is necessary to be vigilant.

2. Changes in the shape of the stool

When pregnant women have diarrhea, pregnant women need to carefully observe the characteristics of the stool, such as color, form, and smell.Once the feces become thin, with pus, blood, mucus, or food residue, most of them can determine the possibility of diarrhea in pregnant women.

3. Abdominal pain, anal discomfort

When pregnant women have frequent stools, if pregnant women are accompanied by abdominal pain or anal a burning sensation occurs, pregnant women need to be vigilant.When pregnant women have diarrhea, you must remember to drink plenty of water so that you can add enough water to avoid dehydration.

Once a pregnant woman has diarrhea, the first thing to do is to do a good job of observation, and then go to the hospital for medical treatment.

What should I do if I do diarrhea during pregnancy?

1. Timely hydrating and electrolyte

If diarrhea caused by non -infectious factors, pregnant mothers are mainly improved by raising in life.At this time, it is best not to consume food anymore, and to supplement the body’s moisture and electrolytes lost due to diarrhea.You can eat liquid foods such as porridge and porridge, and add a small amount of salt and sugar to the porridge.

2. Use medicine with caution and consult a professional doctor

If it is diarrhea caused by infectious factors, it is necessary to use antibiotics.However, pregnant mothers cannot take medicine without authorization, and they must take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

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