Will hair dye really cause cancer?The answer is revealed now!These 7 types of people cannot be scalded with hair dyeing

Some people dye their hair for fashion and fully show their own personality; middle -aged and elderly people are dyed to cover white hair.However, hair dye products have been included in the three types of carcinogens, because it contains a large amount of chemical components, and long -term contact can cause allergies or increase the risk of cancer.

After research, women’s long -term hair dye and straight hair have a significant risk of breast cancer compared with women who do not use the above products.The hair dye contains oxidant, which can destroy the hair keratin, which causes boring and split hair over time to easily fall off; permanent hair dye contains chemical substances such as aniline, which can easily cause allergies and dizziness and nausea.Harmful gases-two evil pharynx. Such substances are recognized as strong carcinogens. They can follow the respiratory tract into the body, stay in the muscles and are difficult to be decomposed, which can interfere with thyroid hormones and estrogen.If you contact the second evil swallow for a long time, the genes will mutate the deformity and then induce cancer.

1. Women in menstrual period

The resistance of women in the physiological period weakens, and the skin is more sensitive. It is susceptible to chemical substances in hair dye or affects endocrine.

2. People who are allergic to hair dye

The hair dye contains pyramamine, which can cause skin sensitivity. The darker its color, the higher the phenyleneramine contained.Skin -sensitive people need to do allergic tests behind their ears or arms before dyeing their hair.

3. People with poor hair quality

People with poor hair quality, easy to split and broken, as well as endocrine disorders, thyroid diseases, and iron deficiency people cannot perm and dye hair to avoid irreversible damage to hair.

4. People with damaged scalp

Eczema, scalp, trauma, psoriasis, and skin barrier defects in patients with folliculitis. Perm and hair dye can further deteriorate skin problems, and the damaged parts will absorb harmful substances.

5. Women within 6 months of pregnancy and postpartum

The physiological status of women who are during pregnancy and giving birth to a child will change. The hair is fragile and easy to fall off. If the hair is frequently dyed and perm, the hair loss can be accelerated, and it will also affect the growth and development of the fetus.

6. Elderly and children

With the increase of age, the liver and kidney function of the elderly is not as good as before, which will make harmful substances accumulate in the body and easily induce many problems.Children’s skin is more delicate, sensitive to chemicals, and poor body detoxification.

7. People with liver and kidney insufficiency

Patients with liver and kidney insufficiency have abnormal detoxification ability. If frequent hot dyeing hair will inevitably increase the burden on the liver and kidney, which will cause further worsening.

Kind tips

Hair dye is divided into temporary, semi -permanent and permanent.Try to choose temporarily. Washing it once can be removed and the granules are large. It will not enter the root of the hair through the epidermis, but it is stored on the surface of the scalp, which is relatively safer.Perm and hair dye can cause great damage to hair quality and health, so try not to dye your hair as much as possible without necessary.When you must dye your hair, you must choose the products produced by regular manufacturers and do a good job of maintenance to minimize the damage to the body.Pulling the interval between hair dyeing at least 6 months.Before each hair dye, you must do a skin test, drip the hair dye on the inside of the wrist. If there is no redness, swelling and itching within two days, it can be used.It is worth reminding that people with allergic diseases such as eczema, measles, and asthma cannot be dyed.

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