Will it be cancerous if you get the breast nodule?Several of these two situations, three things can help you relieve pain

Breast nodules are breast cystic hyperplasia, which occurs on women of childbearing age. After menopause, it can be relieved by themselves. Patients can have periodic pain.Once diagnosed with the breast nodules, it is necessary to judge whether it is benign or malignant, so as not to delay the best treatment time.

Once the breast nodules are diagnosed, judge the nature of the nodule first, and then take the corresponding treatment measures.Breast nodules are divided into malignant and benign, which is mainly related to high estrogen in the body.There is no abnormally bleeding in the breast nodules, and the possibility of benign is extremely likely.The benign breast nodules are smooth when touching, the boundary of the lump is clear, and the activity is good.The malignant breast nodule lumps are irregular, the border is unclear, and it is relatively hard and small.Generally, the benign breast nodules do not need special treatment. Just pay more attention to observation and regular review.As age increases, ovarian function will decline, the level of estrogen in the body decreases, and nodules will gradually dissipate.If the nodules have changed significantly, relevant inspection and treatment should be done in time.The malignant breast nodule has a tendency to be cancer. It is necessary to choose a regular hospital for surgical resection to avoid inducing breast cancer.

1. Proper massage of breasts

When there is a breast nodule, many people feel the pain in the breast.You can massage the breasts appropriately. Pay attention to the gentle movement when massaging. You can promote blood circulation by the massage and reduce the pain.Time -old pregnancy and breastfeeding can fight the breast nodules because there is enough progesterone secretion to protect and repair the breast.Breastfeeding can make the breasts fully develop. After weaning, it degrades well and is not prone to hyperplasia.

2. Choose underwear that is appropriate size

Choose a suitable underwear based on the size of the breast, and you cannot wear shaped clothes, otherwise it will affect the local blood circulation and aggravate the pain.Choose a moderate loose and cotton underwear to prevent the breasts from being oppressed.In addition, you can also use a towel and hot water bottle to apply hot compresses on the neck. The temperature should be controlled when applying hot compresses to avoid burning the skin.

3. Adjust your diet

The diet needs to adopt a dietary structure of low -fat and high dietary fiber. Eat more bean vegetables and whole wheat food, which can accelerate metabolism and avoid bad stimulation of the breast.Controls animal protein intake and cannot supplement estrogen.In addition, when the body lacks minerals, vitamin C, and B vitamins, it can affect the synthesis of prostaglandin E. The breast will be excessively stimulated by other hormones and aggravate the pain. Therefore, minerals and vitamins should be reasonably supplemented.

Kind tips

Patients with breast nodules try not to eat spicy, grilled, fried and other foods, stay away from tobacco, alcohol, royal jelly, and contraceptives. The estrogen contained in it can stimulate the growth of breast nodules.Eat more soybeans and soybean products, which contain isoflavones and estrogen, which can regulate estrogen in both directions.

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