Will it cause infertility to accept X -ray examination?Can I accept radiation diagnosis and treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

At the door of the radiology department of the hospital, there will be a logo of "pregnant women stop". Many expectant mothers will also choose to wear radiation -proof clothing during pregnancy. When they hear "radiation", they feel like they are in the enemy.Today, I will talk to you about radiation during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

X -ray image diagnosis

X -ray diagnosis uses X -ray unique penetration, fluorescent effects, and sensitivity effects.

X -rays have a strong penetrating power and absorbed and attenuated by the penetrated medium. Different density and thickness of the translucent substances will cause the dexterous attenuation of the energy of the X -ray energy of the transparent photo. ThereforeThe emitted image formed after the use of the human body can be used for diagnosis.

Clinical X -ray diagnosis includes ordinary X -ray diagnosis, X -ray CT, digital X -ray imaging technology, as well as breast X -ray photography, dental X -ray photography, etc.

Q: Will it cause infertility to accept X -ray examination?

Sex gonad is a human radiation sensitive organ.The threshold dose of permanent infertility of men is 3500-6000mgy, and women are 2500-6000mgy.

The dosage caused by standardized radiation diagnosis is much lower than the above values, so even if it is accepted multiple X -ray examinations, it is unlikely to cause infertility.In addition, the results of the study so far show that the sex glands of the parents have been accepted X -ray examination before fertilization, which will not increase the occurrence of child cancer or deformity.

Question: Can I perform radiation diagnosis during lactation and pregnancy?

When performing radiation diagnosis and examination, when X -rays interact with material atoms, they will lose most of the energy or all energy (large energy transfer) when an interaction occurs.It will be left on the subject.

When breastfeeding is taken, the milk of the Baoma is equivalent to "irradiated", but its splicing dose is far lower than the dosage used in normal radiation foods, so it will not affect the milk of the mothers.It can be breastfeed normally after shooting or CT during breastfeeding.

At present, it is recommended that women with age -age periods can be checked in abdominal X -ray examination unless they know that they are not pregnant.See if you can accept radiological diagnosis during pregnancy, see if you are pregnant, can you do CT or shoot.

Clinical nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine is a discipline of diagnosis, treatment and scientific research released by radioactive nucleo.

Diagnostic nuclear medicine includes in vitro diagnostic method with an in vitro diagnostic method with an in vitro diagnostic method with an in vitro diagnostic method with an in vitro diagnostic method with in vitro radio analysis as its main content; the treatment of nuclear medicine is a high degree of concentrated irradiation of lesion tissue tissue using radioactor launch.Treatment, that is, the use of radioactive nuclear labeling drugs for targeted therapy (commonly known as "biological missiles").

Clinical nuclear medicine usually introduces radioactive nucleo and its labeling compounds, that is, radioactive drugs, and radioactive drugs, and radioactive drugs will metabolize in the patient’s body, which will cause some irradiation to patients.

Q: How long can I get pregnant after radioactive iodine treatment during pregnancy?

According to long -term follow -up, the use of 131i treatment of Graves hyperthyroidism will not affect the patient’s reproductive ability and will not affect the growth and development of offspring.

When 131i is used to treat differential thyroid cancer (DTC), the amount of 131i is relatively large, which can damage the testicular function to a certain extent.The risk of congenital dysplasia.

Some female DTC patients may occur in the short term after 131i treatment, and menstruation can be delayed, menstrual decreased or transient amenorrhea, but most of them will return to normal within 1 year.The long -term effect of 131i on the ovary only manifests only the mild advancement of menopause time.

Therefore, no matter male or female DTC patients, they do not have to give up the fertility plan because they have had previously received 131i treatment, but they should be planned after 131i treatment.

Question: Does receiving nuclear medicine after pregnancy have an impact on the fetus?

Accept 18F-, 99MTC-markups at different stages of pregnancy, and there will be certain differences in the absorption dose of the fetus, but this appearance dose is lower than 50 mgy. The current research believes that the growth and development of embryos and fetuseIt will not have an impact.

As a result, women during pregnancy are not necessary to terminate pregnancy if they accept radioactive nucleo -seeking.However, starting from 12 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal thyroid gland has the ability to take iodine, and iodine can be freely passed through the placenta. Therefore, radioactive iodine and its labels should be avoided during the entire pregnancy.

Question: Do you have to suspend breastfeeding after lactating radioactive nucleo?

The lactating women’s radioactive nuclear appears, some radioactive drugs may enter the baby through milk, causing a certain internal irradiation to the baby.

In response to this problem, the International Radiation Protection Commission No. 106 published a recommendation to some radioactive drugs: 11C-, 14C-, 13N-, 15O-markup and 18F-FDG do not need to interrupt breastfeeding.Most drugs marked with 99mTC, considering the emergence of free ionization, it is recommended to interrupt breastfeeding for 4 hours.For 123i, 131i and its tags, breastfeeding must be interrupted for at least 3 weeks.

During breastfeeding, due to close contact with the baby, 18F-FDG stayed in the mother caused a certain external illumination to the baby. In this regard, the "18F-FDG Tumor Photo Operation Guide" released by the European Nuclear Medicine Society is recommendedThe 12 -hour stopping breastfeeding is suspended. During this period, if you must breastfeed, you can squeeze out the lotion for breastfeeding.

In fact, "radiation" is not as terrible as we think. During the pregnancy, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, if there is a need for radiation diagnosis and treatment, you should go to a regular hospital in time to follow the doctor’s advice.

Author: Xiao Hong (Shanghai Disease Control)

Edit: Li Chenyi

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