Will menstruation affect pregnancy?How to pull it back on track?Doctors have something to say

It is believed that for many women, menstruation is both love and hate, because it comes on time every month, indicating that the body is normal, but in those days, it will inevitably be uncomfortable, but if you do n’t come on time, your heart will be in your heart.I will start to worry about whether there is a problem with the body …

For modern women, many of them are more independent and have their own jobs, but at the same time, they must also take care of their families, and children will rely more on mothers. From this perspective, their pressure is not smaller than men.For many women, menstruation has not been adjusted into a common problem. Some girls come to see after they find that menstruation is abnormal, and some do not pay much attention.Will not affect pregnancy?This may be the question of many women. Next, I will talk to you, talk about the relationship between the two, and how to cope with menstruation and menstruation.

Will menstruation affect women’s pregnancy?

It depends on two factors:

One: Is there any ovulation

It is possible to get pregnant. After fertilization, it becomes fertilized eggs, and then slowly develops and moves to the female uterine cavity.

Two: Causes of irregular menstruation

The causes are different. The impact on women’s health is different. If it is physiological factor, it is better to condition and adjust it in time to allow menstruation to gradually return to the right track.Effects.Of course, this depends on the severity of the disease, not all diseases will have an impact.

So, irregular menstruation is generally related to?

Unhealthy living habits:

① Women’s long -term diet to lose weight

Many women think that as long as more than one hundred is fat, but in fact, a person’s weight is related to height. One hundred pounds is not a standard. Maybe you are not fat at all, you do n’t need to lose weight! May wish to calculate your BMI.Between 18.5-23.9, your weight is up to the standard.

If a woman diet to lose weight for a long time, only eat some vegetables and fruits, does not eat oil or meat, and it is easy to lack nutrition. This will affect the secretion of hormone levels in the body. Endocrine is also easy to disorders. It may affect menstruation.The quantity will gradually decrease, and there is a chance of early amenorrhea.

② Stay up late for a long time

Staying up late can easily cause immunity decrease, endocrine disorders, is not conducive to uterine health, and indirect menstruation may also be affected.

③ Make yourself in a high pressure state for a long time

Don’t underestimate the power of emotions, especially women, some gynecological problems and nodule problems are related to the long -term pressure of women.In the long run, endocrine is also susceptible to disorders.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, stress, always angry, will also affect the normal operation of liver qi and liver blood, affect the operation of qi and blood, and indirectly affect menstruation.


Such as endometriosis, polycystic, tumor, etc.

Generally speaking, if it is caused by bad living habits, the impact is not great. If it is caused by the disease, timely treatment, adjust the menstrual cycle, and promote ovulation later, women can get pregnant.But if you do n’t pay attention to it, it ’s been dragging. Over time, small problems will become a big problem, and it may be more difficult to regulate.

Speaking of which, thinking of a patient, she did not conceive her baby for 3 years, did not give up, and finally made a test tube. The fourth transfer finally succeeded.Although the cause of her pregnancy failure is not very clear, her adolescent menstruation did not come on time during her adolescence, and she has not been regular. She has not paid attention to this and may have a certain relationship with this reason.After that, she was actively treating. Although she had experienced several failures, she did not give up. After completing the fourth transplantation, she succeeded in pregnancy and finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

So, how to pull the disordered menstruation back on track?

If it happens by accident, it may be related to the recent lifestyle. It is recommended that women go to bed early and get up early, decompress appropriately, and eat a reasonable diet. Keep a good mood and regular life. Next month, it may come normally.If this is the case for several consecutive consecutive years, it is recommended to find the reason under the medical examination, and take corresponding measures to condition under the guidance of the doctor.It’s even more unfavorable.

Of course, whether you can succeed in getting pregnant, there is a factor that women have to pay attention to, that is, many people.Female friends should learn to protect themselves. If there are many abortion surgery, the endometrium is easy to become thinner, which may affect pregnancy.

In summary, generally speaking, menstruation is irregular, and early attention to early intervention. Girls can get a good pregnancy ending, but if it is dragged and the disease develops, it may have adverse effects, so you should find problems early.Pay attention to.

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