Will pregnancy be contagious?If you want to succeed in pregnancy, you need to do 6 things well to help you give birth to a healthy baby

I don’t know if all women have found that if one of the friends around them comes to menstruation, they will be "infected", and then the menstrual period of menstruation, or friends who live together, are close to each month. Everyone thinks that menstruation is possible"Infectious", but do you know that pregnancy may be infected?

Pregnancy is a complicated process and the most important moment in women’s life.Almost every family wants to have healthy and smart babies. This is not very difficult. As long as there are high -quality sperm and eggs, do health care during pregnancy.Do you find such a law? After a woman is pregnant, the girlfriends around them are also pregnant. Will pregnancy really be contagious?

"American Social Review" published an article showing that women’s pregnancy can be contagious.I used to investigate the health of the national youth. The lifestyle and family of friends and family members made from 1996, 2008 to 2009, and the health and pregnancy status.Wait for many aspects.The survey results show that if a middle school classmate is pregnant, then in the past two years, he has strong pregnancy ideas.Researchers speculate that there are many reasons for the emergence of this phenomenon, such as the change of identity character. I don’t want to get married and have children later than others, or to maintain consistent with my girlfriends.

If you are weak, you cannot get pregnant smoothly. If you want to get pregnant successfully, you must also act to prepare for future healthy babies.

1. Do a good pre -pregnancy examination

Pre -pregnancy examination is the basis of eugenics. The couple should go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination before preparing for pregnancy. In addition to the reproductive organs, they cannot ignore genetic testing and can prevent birth defects.

2. Oral examination

Hormones in the body after pregnancy have changed a lot, and physiological changes are also changed. During pregnancy, severe periodontal disease can easily induce abortion or sepsis, which can cause shock or threatening life in severe cases.Therefore, a comprehensive oral examination should be performed before pregnancy to actively treat dental caries, wisdom teeth and periodontitis.

3. Stay away from cigarettes

Regardless of autonomous smoking, or contact with second -hand smoke and three -handed smoke, fertility can be reduced, increasing abortion risk, and also leading to fetal malformations, so refuse to smoke during pregnancy.

4. Control caffeine intake

Caffeine can excite the central nervous system. Women who have prepared during pregnancy take too many caffeine vulnerable to estrogen and progesterone balance, leading to accelerate heartbeat and increased blood pressure levels, thereby reducing the success rate of success. ThereforeDrink strong tea and strong coffee.

5. Adjust your diet

Pay attention to diverse diet, a variety of nutrients, and eat more fresh fruits and fruits, grains, poultry, fish and meat, and milk.

6. Maintain normal weight

Excessive obesity can increase the risk of hypertension or diabetes during pregnancy, and also reduce the success rate of success. Therefore, we should actively lose weight and control the weight index between 18.5 ~ 23.9.

1. Folic acid

Eat more folic acid foods, such as spinach, oil, and lettuce during pregnancy; taking folic acid tablets under the guidance of a doctor can prevent fetal nerve tube deformity and promote fetal brain development.

2. DHA

DHA is an essential component of nervous system cells, and can also maintain brain and retinal health.DHA should be supplemented during pregnancy, which can be obtained from walnuts, milk, tuna and salmon.

3. Lecithin

Lecithin can improve brain cell activity and help improve memory and intelligence. Therefore, you should eat more black fungus, beans or soy products, cereals and egg yolks during pregnancy to supplement lecithin.

4, iron

Iron deficiency during pregnancy can reduce the oxygen content in the blood and affect the development of the fetal brain. Therefore, you should eat more iron -containing foods during pregnancy, such as animal blood, animal viscera, and lean meat.

The entire pregnancy period should be regularly performed in accordance with the doctor’s advice, and the development of the mother and fetus should be understood in a timely manner.In addition to replenishing nutrition during pregnancy, we should also maintain moderate exercise and adequate sleep, maintain a happy mood, and combine work and rest.

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