Will pregnancy really "contagious"?Netizen: It’s not long before my colleague is pregnant, and she will hit her good pregnancy.

I believe that having babies is a major event in life for many women, but some women are severely blocked during pregnancy, so many unsuccessful women who prepare for pregnancy will try some ways to get pregnant.

Not long ago, a mother -in -law shared her experience of pregnancy on the Internet, which made many women in difficulty in pregnancy excited:

It turned out that this mother -in -law had a child for a long time before, but she couldn’t be pregnant. She would often cry with her girlfriends who had been pregnant for two months.How long is it, it should be the time period when my menstruation is coming, but the menstruation is not delayed. The mother -in -law did not think about pregnancy, so I did n’t care. After a few days, the menstruation did not come yet. She did not come yet.I went to the pharmacy to check the pregnancy test stick. As a result, I found that she was really pregnant. She immediately called her girlfriend. She felt that it must be the "pregnancy" brought by her girlfriend.Things are really incredible.

Let’s take a look at the views of this matter!

Netizen A: The sanitary napkin bought by Double Eleven was pregnant with the baby before unpacking. A pregnant girl in our unit always ran to my office to chat with me during the fast vacation.When I was preparing to produce, I found that I was also pregnant. I need to know that I and my child dad had been pregnant for several years and did not move. So, would pregnancy really contagious?

Netizen B: Pregnancy really seems to be transmitted. During the May Day, he was pregnant. After a few days, the husband and friend’s daughter -in -law also measured pregnancy. You must know that they have been married for five or six years.I have no results, but now I am pregnant, but I did n’t wait for half a month, and the daughter -in -law ’s daughter -in -law’ s daughter -in -law also measured her pregnancy, so is it so amazing?

Netizen C: The office colleague was pregnant. I joked at the time and said that I was pregnant and transmitted to me. After half a month, I found that I was pregnant. I guess I was pregnant when I said this.During the wine, another colleague was just married. I said that he would come to me and passed it to you. After half a month, she heard that she was pregnant. It was really inexplicable.

In fact, we can conclude such a conclusion: When a mother is pregnant, some of her friends will also be pregnant. Is this really a coincidence?

A study found that pregnancy can indeed be "infectious".Specifically, pregnancy will be transmitted between female friends in middle schools in early adulthood. This phenomenon can be fully proven on the Internet, and many times, some friends in high school will also affect the surrounding people after graduation.Essence"

A study adopts national youth health and vertical research data to study the lifestyle, friends, family, health and pregnancy status of young people from 1996 and 2008-2009.

After the investigation, I found that if you find that one of your classmates is pregnant, you may consider trying to improve your pregnancy within two years when your friend has a baby. However, after these two yearsAfter the peak, the possibility of your pregnancy will begin to decline.

Some researchers speculate that it may be due to the natural continuity and similar lifestyles between friends, as well as common pressure on pregnancy, etc., which will affect women’s decision to pregnancy.

And one more thing is that collective pregnancy may save costs more, because in the process of chatting with each other, you can share baby supplies or act as a temporary nanny for each other.

In fact, we all know that friends will influence each other in many behaviors, such as fitness, listening to music, etc., so there is actually a certain basis for pregnancy to be contagious.

Therefore, some women who are still preparing for pregnancy can try to make people who are pregnant with themselves pregnant their pregnancy. Maybe they will become pregnant one day!””””

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