Will pregnant women have anemia to the fetus?It depends on which kind of anemia, the method of responding to the baby anemia

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There is a quasi -mother consultation for 28 weeks of pregnancy: I am anemia to find anemia, I am worried that it will be passed on to the baby. I want to ask if there is such a possibility?

When I was pregnant, I was anemia for a while. I also ate two months of iron. At that time, my mother was worried about this problem. I was afraid that because of anemia affect the baby’s development, and I was afraid that anemia would be passed on to the baby.

If the expectant mother detects anemia during pregnancy, it is "thalassemia", because this anemia is genetic abnormalities and is generally inherited to the child;If there is a problem, it is not a hereditary disease, so it will not be inherited to the child.

However, when pregnant mothers find that there is iron deficiency anemia, it is not necessary to be too nervous. Many young pregnant mothers have more or less anemia. It is usually related to too much moon, eating habits and diet structure., Such as not eating meat and so on.

As long as you correct the doctor’s advice, or eat more food that helps to supplement iron, or eaten iron to relieve it, you can pay attention to regular review until all indicators are normal.

Some mothers will say that I have iron deficiency anemia when I am pregnant. After the baby is born, the baby has a medical examination for 6 months. The baby also has anemia. Isn’t this hereditary?

No!This is because the iron content in breast milk is relatively low, and although the baby will store a part of the iron in the mother’s body, it is only enough for the baby’s needs a few months before the birth of the baby. When it is five or six months old, the iron stored in the body may also be stored in the body.It consumes everything, so at this time, you need to supplement the baby iron, which is to add the baby rice noodles that enhance the iron.

Therefore, when parents take their babies for 6 months of physical examination, they find anemia. Do not panic. According to the degree of the anemia of the baby, the scientific help baby to supplement iron.

If the baby is slightly anemia, you can correct the anemia by adding iron -rich supplementary foods, then you can supplement your baby by iron.

1. Baby rice noodles eating iron -enhanced iron

When many parents add supplementary food to their babies, they think that the rice noodles they make are healthier and safe and sanitary. Whether they will be better than the baby rice noodles they buy back. In fact, it is not.Considering iron supplementation, it is also recommended to eat baby rice noodles purchased from maternal and infant shops or e -commerce websites.

2. Add iron -containing supplementary food to the same

In addition to infant rice noodles, daily foods are also rich in iron -rich and good absorption rates. These foods, parents can also add it to their babies, such as lean meat, animal liver, animal blood, seaweed, fungus, dark green, dark green, dark green, dark green, and dark greenVegetables, etc., can also be made into vegetables and mud for the baby.

Some parents will ask egg yolk is not rich in iron. Can you add it to your baby?Of course, because the eggs are easy to allergic, and the iron in the egg yolk is a three -valent iron, which is not conducive to absorption. Therefore, it can be added to the baby according to the actual situation. It is not the first choice for iron supplement.

3, iron

If the baby anemia is poisoned or severe anemia, it is recommended to take an iron agent to correct it according to the results of the examination.

Jingma said: The above is the knowledge of expectant mothers’ anemia and baby anemia. Parents can collect and learn according to the actual situation.In addition, there are other childhood parenting issues, please leave a message for consultation ~

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