Will the babies who love to stay up late during pregnancy will be more difficult?Share my personal experience

Now we only need to see the child playing with mobile phones, and we always try to make children try to play less mobile phones or other electronic products, but often the results are a bit unsatisfactory. Some children are very obsessed with electronic products.use.

Especially now it is summer vacation. The child is too long at home. It is recommended that parents if they do not want their children to always be obsessed with electronic products. First of all, you have to make an example. You said that you hold a mobile phone in your hand, but your mouth shouts to let the child let the child let the child make the child let the child.Don’t play. As an adult, you can’t control yourself. Why always ask your child to do it?And most children will say, why can you play, but he can’t?

Many times, not only the child is playing electronic products, it is better to make the child better, which is inseparable from the example of our adults.

When it comes to controlling mobile phones, many pregnant women are always unable to leave because they are too boring during pregnancy.And pregnant women are special groups. You can play mobile phones during pregnancy, but you must pay attention to the time of use. You must not play all the time day and night, especially some pregnant mothers who love to stay up late. Even after pregnancy, the habit of staying up late has not changed.Come here, this is very bad for pregnant women and fetuses.

There are pregnant women’s doubts, is it particularly difficult to take to play mobile phones for a long time to play mobile phones for a long time?

My cousin, I have been at home after pregnancy, and I am really boring. As long as I see her, I kept brushing my phone and came to live with me for a few days.If you are willing to rest, you ca n’t get up in the morning, and you do n’t eat breakfast.However, it has always been quite smooth. When the post -5 months of pregnancy is 5 months pregnant, the doctor said that the fetus is small, mainly because the diet is not noticed, irregular.It’s not good, only 5 months pregnant, and the body is a bit unbearable.

The baby was born in full moon, but the weight was light, but it must be very careful when the feeding became later, and the baby would sleep very late at night. The adult spent too much energy to take care of it during the day., But had to accompany the child.

I thought it would be better after the full moon, but there was no.Just bring a child, the housework is still done by her family, she can’t stand it.The child’s schedule is upside down day and night, which makes adults very unbearable. Not only does it consume too much energy and patience for adults, it also has a great impact on the child’s growth and development.

Why is it always recommended that pregnant women do not stay up late to play mobile phones?

One: Affects fetal development

We may feel that the fetus is so small and across the belly. What can we feel?

Whether the pregnant mothers with a large gestational week have noticed that as long as the environmental noise we live in, or the pregnant mother is suddenly frightened, the stomach will be uncomfortable, and sometimes it will be slightly painful.If it is changed to ordinary people, it is at best to scare yourself, and there will be no stomach pain.

The fetus and our mother are one. If the pregnant woman pays more attention to diet and schedule during pregnancy, the baby born will be relatively clean, there will not be many fetal fat, the fetal weight will be normal, and it will be better to feed in the future.

Two: The baby’s temper will be more irritable

Many times, if children are more difficult to bring, they are very envious of the children who eat and sleep, and they wake up with themselves. The children of our own family are simply a little devil compared with others.

It ’s very tiring to bring the child, the child is not good or not, it’ s very critical. The child who is not easy to bring, you spend all the time every day, when you ca n’t do anything else, do n’t talk about others, sometimes your husband will say.Take a child, do n’t do housework, do n’t cook three meals, you will feel too aggrieved, and couples are prone to contradictions, so that Baoma is very vulnerable to depression.

Many pregnant mothers said that they didn’t want to sleep, but they couldn’t sleep at all.And the baby who stays up late during pregnancy is the same.

Can you guarantee that your baby is born with a pregnant mother?I sincerely recommend that you must not stay up late to play your mobile phone during pregnancy. Whether the diet and diet during pregnancy not only affect you and the fetus, but also determine whether the growth and development of the fetus in the later period of the fetus is healthy.Pay attention to this aspect.

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