Will the breast nodules be cancer?

In the breast clinic clinic, patients often encounter patients holding the breast ultrasound examination report to ask:

"Doctor, what is the low echo nodule written by the ultrasound report report?"

"Doctor, my breast nodule is not serious, do I need surgery?"

"Doctor, is the breast nodule that is cancer?"


So, what is the breast nodule?

What is a breast nodule?

Strictly speaking, the breast nodules we are talking about are not a specific breast disease, but a morphological change that many breast diseases show in the imaging examination process, such as the low voices in the breast ultrasound report reportThe high -density nodules and density nodules in the festival and non -echoed nodules, and the lactal molybdenum target tablets.

Many breast diseases are manifested as breast nodules in breast ultrasound or molybdenum target examination, such as breast fibroma, tumor, breast cancer, and breast hyperplasia.

We use fruits to make a metaphor. The breast nodules are like fruits. Among them, breast hyperplasia is like a bunch of grapes, connected to each other; fibrous adenoma is like orange, smooth shapes; breast cancer is like durian, hard stabbing.

What causes the breast nodule?

The specific cause of the formation of breast nodules is mainly related to the level of female and progesterone in the body.The secretion of estrogen hormones in young women’s friends is strong, and the unstable hormone levels may affect the formation of breast nodules.Secondly, genetic factors, eating habits, lifestyle, environmental impact, emotional fluctuations, and genetic mutations may be the influencing factors formed by breast nodules.

【Method of Breast Nodule Self -examination】

Breast self -examination is simple and easy to do. It is recommended that women who are suitable for regular breast self -examination.Breast self -examination is recommended to be carried out about one week after menstruation, because the breasts are relatively soft at this time, and the breast nodules are more easily discovered.

The method of self -examination of breasts mainly includes watching and touch:

● See: Take off your shirt, face the mirror, see if the shape of the breast is normal, see if the bilateral breasts are symmetrical, see if the skin of the breast is edema and red, and see if the nipples are depressed and ulcerated.

● Touch: Outside the upper limb on the left, raise the top of the head, the index finger and middle finger abdomen from the outside to the inside -drawn -style left breast, clockwise or counterclockwise, do not pinch your breasts with your hands, because grabbing the breastIt is easy to mistake the normal gland as a nodule; then gently squeeze the left nipples to observe whether there is liquid overflow; finally put the arm down, completely relax, touch the left armpit, and pay attention to the swollen lymph nodes.The same way to touch the right breast and armpit with the same way.

What is the meaning of "BI-RADS" in the medical examination report

The full name of "BI-RADS" is a breast image report and data system.

According to the "Guidelines and Specifications for the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment", Bi-Rads Category 0: It cannot be evaluated and malignant, and further examination needs to be checked.BI-RADS Category 1: The possibility of malignancy is 0.BI-RADS 2: The possibility of malignancy is 0.BI-RADS 3: The possibility of malignancy is <2%.BI-RADS 4: Malignant possibility is 2-95%.BI-RADS 5: The possibility of malignancy is ≥95%.

Whether the breast nodule needs to be treated

Breast nodules generally cannot be relieved by itself.First of all, it is necessary to clarify the nature of the nodule. If it is a benign nodule, you can follow the doctor’s advice to observe, take drugs or surgery; if it is a malignant nodule, you need to find a doctor for a doctor as soon as possible.

For nodules with BI-RADS categories below 3 categories, it is considered as benign. Generally, there is no need to treat. Regular reviews every 3-6 months can be reviewed.If the patient is too anxious or cannot be reviewed on time, surgical resection is also possible (if young women have a pregnancy plan recently, the breast nodules are best to perform surgical resection before pregnancy).In addition, if the BI-RADS classification is classified as a nodule below 3 categories, if the family history of rapid growth or breast cancer is recently, it is recommended to surgical resection as soon as possible.

For the BI-RADS classification into a nodule with more than 4 categories, it is suspected of malignant possibilities. The biopsy needs to be performed. The biopsy method includes puncture biopsy and resection biopsy.Once diagnosed with breast cancer, healing surgical treatment is needed.For some benign tumors with cancer risk, such as papilloma, leaf tumors, atypical hyperplasia, etc. in the duct, surgery is generally recommended.

Most of the breast nodules do not have obvious clinical symptoms, and they are mainly found through imaging examination.Some breast nodules will be accompanied by obvious breast pain. Pain will change with the menstrual cycle. The pain is worsened in the early stage. The pain is slightly relieved or unresolved after menstrual periods. In the end, persistent pain is formed, which will affect daily life.

Although most of the breast nodules are benign, when we check the breast nodules, we may also happen to be malignant. We must consult a mammary specialist or go to a regular hospital for treatment, otherwise it will easily lead to missed breast cancer.

Author | Shi Lihui and Sui Hao, Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Tongzhou District, Beijing

Source: Beijing 114 Appointment Registration

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