Will the fetus "hiccup"?What information did it convey to my mother differently from the fetal movement?

When we were pregnant, we were always awakened by the sudden "vibration" in our stomach. Moms would touch the naughty little guy with their hands, and then fell asleep again.

I don’t know if you have found that the "vibration" of your baby is sometimes regular and sometimes there will be no regularity. Why is this?The types of fetus in the mother’s belly are divided into two categories, one is fetal movement and one is snoring.Moms with experience experience can easily tell whether the baby is moving or hiccups.

When the baby’s baby grows up to 24 weeks, the mother will feel that they are snoring in their stomachs.When the pregnancy week is relatively small, the fetus is small, and the space of the uterine activity is large, so the location of the snoring often changes.

After 35 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s head is getting larger and larger, the space of the uterus is getting smaller and smaller, the fetal position is fixed, and the position of the fetal snoring is fixed.If the baby’s fetal position is relatively positive, they will emit obvious and regular vibration in the mother’s lower abdomen.If the fetal position is not correct, the baby’s snoring position will be more up.If the position of the fetal snoring changes, it means that they are turning over.

The fetus lives in the mother’s belly for 10 months, and it is almost nothing. She can only swallow the amniotic fluid in the uterus. Once it is stimulated to the diaphragm, they will snoring.Fetal snoring is a normal physiological reflection. After a few minutes, she stops itself. Moms don’t have to worry too much.

With the increase of the gestational week, the number of torment of fetus will increase, and the intensity will become larger. Mom often feels a regular earthquake.But there are also some mothers that their babies rarely snoring or never snoring. Is it a problem with the baby?

Many times, because the baby is small, the snoring is small, and the mother is busy with work, it is normal to not feel it.Even if the baby never snorries, the mother doesn’t have to worry, after all, not all the fetus will snoring.

The fetal snoring is the same as that of our normal people. Is it normal? The number of times and frequencies of hiccups does not need to count the number and frequency of snoring.

The feeling of hiccups and fetal movements to the mother feels very similar. When the fetus hiccups, the mother will feel that there is a paroxysmal jump in the stomach, and there will be once in about a few seconds, but the number of snoring and interval is not fixed.

Fetal movement is irregular. Most of them are moving with hands and feet. The mother feels that the belly is instantly drumped, or slowly sliding.When the fetal movement is large, we can clearly see that the mother’s belly will bulge, and the range of snoring is much smaller.

The duration of snoring each fetus is not consistent, varies from person to person.Some mothers report that the baby’s snoring time is 30 minutes, and there are 40 minutes, and some mothers say only 5 minutes.Whether it is half an hour, or only 5 minutes, it doesn’t even need to worry too much without snoring.

Because the fetus has nothing to do with health, it does not need to be numbered and recorded.Conversely, fetal movement is related to the baby’s health, which requires a long time to record the baby’s fetal movement information.If the baby does not have a fetal movement or half of the number of times for a long time, the pregnant mother will be vigilant.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers record the fetal movement three times in the morning, middle and evening after 28 weeks of pregnancy, and observe 1 to 2 hours each time. It is normal to have at least 10 fetal movements each time.

After 34 weeks of the fetus, the number of fetal movements will decrease due to the smaller activity space, mostly about half of the previous.

If the pregnant mother finds that the number of fetal movements is abnormally increased or decreased, they should be vigilant and go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.

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