Will the fetus cry in the uterus?20 bizarre scientific facts about pregnancy

Many people say that pregnancy and having children are the most important career in a woman’s life. Basically, everyone has to face this problem. If it is not, it is just a matter of time. So how much do you know about scientific knowledge about pregnancy?Is the pregnancy cycle 280 days or one year?Today, I will solve these problems one by one, and take stock of 20 bizarre scientific facts about pregnancy

1. Stimulating nipples is the only scientific and reasonable way to promote childbirth.

The nipple of friction or rolling pregnancy expires can promote a hormone called oxytocin in the body, which causes contractions.

2. The longest -known pregnancy cycle is one year and ten days.

Generally speaking, a pregnancy cycle is 280 days, but a certain nation in Los Angeles is found, and sometimes their pregnancy cycle is more than one year.

3. Even in the uterus, the baby can taste the taste of the mother’s food.

Strong taste like garlic can pass through the amniotic fluid in the uterus.Studies have shown that during pregnancy, the baby will also prefer to drink carrot juice.

4. In developing countries, the proportion of twins in central Africa is much higher than other countries and regions.

Some people think that this can be related to local people in central Africa, but there is no exact evidence to prove this.

5. You can get pregnant through oral sex.In fact, a woman was pregnant after oral sex and sword war.

A girl from the Lesso Kingdom, Africa suffers from congenital reproductive organs, so she has no vagina, but after oral sex, she was miraculously pregnant with a stabbing belly!What happened in real.

6. From the end of pregnancy, the baby urinates in the uterus, then drinks, and then urinates, and then drinks it.Can you imagine this picture? In fact, amniotic fluid is mainly sterile.

7. For the first time, the fetus began to have a stool (fetal stool), about the 21st week of pregnancy.However, the fetus will not be excreted until it is born.

8. Pregnant women and new mothers automatically secrete milk when they hear the baby crying.(Even if it is not that my child is crying)

9. The two ovaries born of a baby girl have contained all egg cells, or they are called ovarian mother cells.In the fetal period, the number of egg cells reached millions, and it was reduced to less than 1 million at birth, and then continued to decrease.But boys’ sperm did not occur until adolescence.Although some new studies have shown that women can produce new eggs.

10. The fertilized eggs of rabbits, dogs, pigs, whales, and human beings are almost large (about 0.2 mm)

11. Pregnant women with hot stomach are more likely to have a newborn with hair. It is not nonsense.

Scientists have shown that high -level estrogen and progesterone can not only stimulate the head of the head, but also wider the esophagus, which will cause gastric acid to flow back.

12. One of the babies is a teeth when they are born.

13. Boyfriends will increase the risk and forgetfulness of mother’s immune disease.

14. The fetus will cry in the uterus.

From the 4D scanning map, it can be clearly seen that the fetus frowns in the uterus, but scientists can cry from the fetal breathing pattern from measuring the fetal breathing mode.Regarding this, they also said that they don’t have to worry about them just practicing. They are not really upset.

15. Throughout pregnancy, women’s uterus gradually increased to about 500 times the normal period (non -pregnancy).

16. When pregnant women expire, her placenta has more estrogen per day than the estrogen produced by non -pregnant women for three years.

17. In addition to the uterus, the size of a woman’s feet and heart will become larger during pregnancy.

The heart of a pregnant woman becomes larger to better treat the increase in blood in the body. Foot expansion is caused by edema and the elasticity of pregnant women’s ligaments.

18. The fingerprint of the fetus in the first three months of pregnancy has been determined.

19. Seven orgasm can cause contractions.

But it is not a real contraction.Don’t be too excited, after all, there is only one gestational sac with a small fetus.

20. The fetus’s face grows in the uterus.

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