Will the nipples turn black after pregnancy?Don’t worry, doing these 4 points may be effectively prevented

In real life, most women are red red before they become mothers, but the nipples turn black after they are pregnant with their baby.Therefore, many pregnant mothers will be scared. In fact, this is a normal physiological phenomenon without having to worry too much.So, what is going on with nipples after pregnancy?

1. What are the reasons for the nipples?

The causes of the nipples are pregnant, feeding, long -term sexual life, and improper physiological conditioning. At the same time, it is also affected by the physical fitness of expectant mothers, the baby’s sucking, the aging of the cells, and the excessive stimulation of the nipples.

It is worth noting that after women’s pregnancy, under the stimulation of estrogen and progesterone, the breasts will become larger and the pain occurs.The phenomenon of darkening nipples and dark brown nodules that appear up and large are normal.Therefore, expectant mothers do not have to panic when they find that their nipples become black. Some pregnant women can return to the original color after giving birth.

2. What should I pay attention to when preventing the nipples?

1. Nutrition

Breasts are a fat organs, so if you want to keep the nipple red, you need to supplement enough nutrition.The best meal of ordinary women is to have a glass of milk and a whole wheat bread every day, and drink a cup of lemonade every two days.And expectant mothers must be rich in nutrition, so that they can provide enough milk for the baby.

2, sufficient blood gas

The darkening of the nipples may be related to insufficient qi and blood, because insufficient qi and blood can cause blood stasis, which will cause black.Therefore, if you want to prevent the nipple black, you must nourish both qi and blood.

3. Massage plus exercise

After taking a shower at night, you can massage your chest, which can not only make the breast more flexible, but also prevent the nipples from turning black.

4. Shoot warm water

Some people think that hot water can make the nipples more rosy, but it is not.Hot water can stimulate the breast and make the color of the areola deeper, preferably warm water.

In short, it is normal for the nipples to turn black after pregnancy.Generally speaking, it will gradually disappear after production.If the nipples are still dark, you can go to a regular hospital for treatment.But in the process of treatment, we must maintain the joy of mood and good work schedule.

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