Will the promotion of thyroxine changes during pregnancy?What do you need to pay attention to?

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After pregnancy, not only the promotion of thyroxine will change, but the thyroid hormone will also change.Because thyroid hormones and thyroidine are a pair of enemies, no one can do without anyone.In general, if you have more, I will be less.Anecaphindine (TSH) is on the end of the balance, thyroid hormone (T3T4) on the end of the balance.When this end is heavy, it will be pried!

After pregnancy, the tool for transporting thyroid hormones -thyroid binding globulin will increase significantly, which is the result of hormone effects in the expectant mothers.This protein is not idle, it must combine more thyroid hormones.Therefore, when detecting armor skills, expectant mothers will find that the level of T3T4 has risen.Under normal circumstances, it will increase by 30 to 50%, sometimes doubled.In particular, the ionizing T3T4 has a larger level and can increase by more than double.Because of the limitation of the sensitivity of the detection instrument, this increase cannot be solved. In fact, it is a false image, and in fact, it has not increased at all.

You can take a look at the picture below. After pregnancy, the T4 (light green line) has been rising, and it will continue until production.The TSH (red line) will rise in the early stages of pregnancy; then decreases, and it will drop to a very low level at about 12 weeks of pregnancy.Usually decreased by 30%to 50%than before pregnancy.There are also people’s thyroid gonads that are very sensitive to HCG gonad hormones, that is, HCG, and her thyroid hormone can be reduced to an indispensable degree.

We can often see TSH less than 0005 on the test form. Why is it 0.005?Because the best instrument can only detect 0.005 at present, and then it cannot be detected, so it can only be reported to a less than 0.005.This phenomenon is called "an excessive level of thyroid hormone levels", which is also manifested as a reduction in thyroxine levels.It is necessary to emphasize the words "one excessive", because this change will usually return to normal before 16 weeks of pregnancy.It is also restored to normal until 24 weeks. This is often related to multiple pregnancy and may also be related to minor clinical norelear nonsects before pregnancy.

Multi -pregnant mothers may experience low thyroxinemia at about 24 weeks, because they often do not expect iodine to supplement iodine in the early days, or completely ban iodine under the guidance of a doctor.Late -occurred hypotropyarmia is caused by iodine deficiency.

Sadly, clinically doctors often treat this expectant mother as a hyperthyroidism to diagnose and treat, and even more advise the mother to give up her baby and say what hyperthyroidism can cause fetal malformations.Many fans of my heart have abortion because of this situation.As everyone knows, she still has such a thyroid function meter next time.Because her thyroid gland is very sensitive to HCG, there will also be a phenomenon of higher levels of parathylene hormone levels, and there will also be a result of seemingly hyperthyroidism.Everyone said, can she never get pregnant?Every time I get pregnant, it is hyperthyroidism, and it is normal for not pregnancy. Do n’t you think this phenomenon is strange?

After the pregnancy, not all pregnant women have changed the above -mentioned nailing skills. Those who have a typical increase in sexual hormone levels occur, accounting for only 30%.Among them, 0.2 to 1 pregnant woman is the real hyperthyroidism.In other words, about 30 among 100 pregnant women will appear as if the results of hyperthyroidism will appear, only 0.2 ~ 1 of which is the real hyperthyroidism, and it does not necessarily need to be treated.Because most of them are related to hyperthyroidism before pregnancy, some people are sub -clinical hyperthyroidism before pregnancy, and they are not found. This phenomenon will also occur.However, the real hyperthyroidism needs only others.

After pregnancy, women’s immune system function will decrease, hyperthyroidism will be relieved, and even returning to normal completely.Because hyperthyroidism is also an autoimmune disease, it is most important for pregnant women with hyperthyroidism.Otherwise, it is possible to make pregnant women and fetuses become hypothyroidism, which will affect the growth and development of the fetus and IQ.

Therefore, not to panic when it is advised to encounter the result of seemingly hyperthyroidism, let alone be scared by individual levels, not high doctors.Do not dare to give up your baby easily, and do not easily use Anti -ash.Be careful to be misdiagnosed as hyperthyroidism, because the past misdiagnosis is 4%, and now it should exceed 60%!

In addition, the expectant mothers who seem to be the result of hyperthyroidism not only need to use iodized salt, but also can eat seafood such as kelp. If you understand what I say, you will not hesitate to choose the drug to supplement iodine.There are currently no iodine supplemental drugs, and only iodine -containing vitamins can be taken.In addition, domestic iodine -containing vitamins only have two types of silver tablets and multi -dimensional element tablets. Generally, they are not suitable for expectant mothers. It is recommended to choose iodine -containing vitamins such as Matener, Runkang and Golden.Because the expectant mothers lack iodine, the baby IQ will fall by 10 to 20 points.The average IQ of the Chinese is 105 points. What is the concept of falling 10 to 20 points?it goes without saying.

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