Will the safety period be pregnant?Take a look at the common sense of contraception that women must know

Introduction: Safety period, as the name suggests, during this period, sexual life is relatively safe and difficult to get pregnant.But more and more news and examples tell us that it is not easy to get pregnant.Once you are pregnant, the first abortion is a great harm to the woman’s body. Secondly, it is not uncommon for abandoning babies and other issues. It is also unfair to the baby.

Will the safety period be pregnant?

Gynecological experts introduced that the safety period refers to the menstruation of women per month for normal childbearing age. From the beginning of the menstrual period to the first day of the next menstrual period, it is called the 1 -month period.For example, considering contraceptives, women’s menstrual cycle can be divided into menstrual period, ovulation period and safety period.Ovulation duration is a contraceptive method to stop sex during ovulation.This is a traditional contraceptive method. It was one of the contraceptive methods commonly used at home and abroad before the birth of contraceptives and in -palace.

Experts say that if we want to know whether women are pregnant during the safety period, we must understand the safety issue.Women’s ovulation date is generally about 14 days before the next menstruation.After the ovarian is expelled from the ovary, the inner survival of the fallopian tube can survive for 1-2 days to wait for fertilization. Men’s sperm can maintain the essence of 2-3 days in the woman’s reproductive tract.EssenceThe safety period is divided into a pre -ovulation period and a period of safety after ovulation.The date from the day from the day of clean menstruation to the ovulation period is the date of safety before ovulation.From the first day of ovulation to the first day of the next menstrual tide is the period of safety after ovulation.Some people in China have conducted a survey, and there is a lack of correct understanding of the person who has a correct understanding of the safe period. Most people are still ignorant. I don’t know how to calculate the ovulation period.One of the reasons for pregnancy.Women of fertility are usually ovulation in the middle of the menstrual cycle, which is called the ovulation period.About five days after the full holiday is a safe period, the sperm life is short, and women do not ovulate, so it is not easy to get pregnant.

However, the safety period is not absolutely safe. Although women’s ovulation time is mostly in the middle of menstruation, due to the influence of the external environment, temperature, emotion, and health status, the ovulation time can be pronounced early or delayed.There can be "additional ovulation", and the "fruit" that is reluctant, so the safety period is not absolutely safe.

Choose the correct contraceptive method:

We all know that women’s ovulation is regular, but this law is not absolutely unchanged. Ovulation is affected by various factors such as women’s physical health, external environment, and psychological state.Due to the role of different factors, it may lead to the advance or delay of ovulation, and there may also be a suspension of ovulation or two ovulation during one ovulation. These are unpredictable.Pregnancy.

Therefore, the safety period for women to calculate the safety period by menstrual cycle is not accurate. Even if women with regular menstruation usually occur in special circumstances, let alone women with irregular menstruation.Therefore, the chance of pregnancy is still very high, and women’s safe life should also take contraceptive measures to avoid the trouble of accidental pregnancy.

When is the effective way to take contraceptives, introduce the following three commonly used contraceptives:

1. Short -acting contraceptives: The main components are progesterone and estrogen.It has the effects of inhibiting ovulation, hindering the normal growth of the endometrium, changing the nature of cervical mucus, and changing normal peristalsis of fallopian tube.Suitable for women with unlimited diseases or diabetes.Start taking medicine on the 5th day from the day of menstruation, take 1 tablet every night, take 22 consecutive days in a row, and can contracept for 1 month.

2. Emergency contraceptives: The main ingredient is progesterone.The principle of drug action is basically the same as short -acting contraceptives.Suitable for women under 40.There are mainly Yuting, Nuo Shuang, Paos Ting and Mikfidone tablets.Generally, take the first piece within 72 hours after the intercourse, and take 1 piece after 12 hours. The earlier the use, the better.

3. Long -term contraceptive pills: Generally, after menstruation, one tablet is taken on the fifth day, and 1 tablet will be taken after 20 days.Contains artificially synthetic progesterone and long -acting estrogen.After the drug enters the human body, it will be stored in the adipose tissue, and it will be released slowly in the future to inhibit ovulation and play a long -effect contraceptive effect.It is suitable for women who cannot place in -the -palace birthdayrs and are unwilling to adopt other contraceptive methods.

You can also take contraceptives in the situation. The time of various contraceptives is:

1. The husband and wife are together and have regular life. You can adhere to the daily oral person and choose to take short -acting oral contraceptives, such as oral contraceptive pills No. 1 and 2;Just 22 days.

2. The husband and wife are together, there is no regular life, and you cannot insist on daily orally. You can choose long -acting oral contraceptives, such as compound 18th methyliconone, take the medicine once on the fifth day of menstruation, and take the second time in 20 days for the second time for 20 days., Take it once a month in the future, each time.

3. Separate the couple.When visiting relatives, you can take relatives and contraceptives, such as visiting relatives No. 1, etc.; take a piece 8 hours before the room, and take 1 piece per night until the visit of relatives is over and take it again in the morning.

4. Oral contraceptives cause gastrointestinal discomfort, optional contraceptive needles.

5. Discover other contraceptive failures, or rape, can take post -duct contraceptives within 24 hours, such as 50 mg of ethylene estrahol, for five days in a row.

Women must know how to protect themselves.If you are really pregnant, you can accept your baby in your own life and conditions, and stay and bear this responsibility.In any case, I hope that people who have no plan to get pregnant can take contraceptive measures.

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