Will the secretions affect the child during pregnancy, will it affect the child?

I chatted with a friend in the past two days. She always felt that something wanted to ask me, but she couldn’t open her mouth.She finally said her problem under my "repeated questioning".She always felt that the secretion was abnormal in the past two days, and the taste was weird. Is there any problem with the child?Or will the abnormal secretion affect the child?In fact, I believe that many pregnant mothers have had similar experiences. During pregnancy, I always feel that the underwear is wet, and I even doubt whether I have leaked urine.Looking at the large secretions on the underwear, I even thought about whether to re -use the "aunt towel".

Regarding the problem of secretions, it is indeed a "unspeakable hidden" that many pregnant mothers say they can’t export. When you come to the bed at night when you come to the bed because of the trouble of the secretion, the pig teammates at home will even feel doubtful. "Wife, are you urgent urgency?Ah? "In fact, regarding the secretions, expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much, the vaginal secretions are normal.The increase in secretions during pregnancy is also normal, and the old talk is still because of hormone problems.Due to the increase in progesterone during pregnancy, the blood circulation of the genitals and cervix of pregnant women accelerates, and more water will be more than before, so the increase of secretions will occur.

But when the mothers have the following situations, they must consider medical treatment.

1. The secretions are thick, yellowish or green, accompanied by corruption, expectant mothers even feel a burning sensation.At this time, you must check the medical treatment as soon as possible.

2. The secretions are mixed with blood, and the symptoms of bleeding occurred in the early pregnancy. It may be due to the manifestation of the fertilized eggs. At this timeIn the condition of ectopic pregnancy, pregnant mothers still have to go to the hospital for detailed examination to determine the situation.If the amount of bleeding increases and accompanied by abdominal pain, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

3. In the third trimester of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will find that the traits of the secretion have changed again. Near the due date, a translucent secretion occurs, or there is dirty fetal fat, accompanied by a large amount of transparent liquid, which means that it may be possibleSymptoms of amniotic fluid breakthrough.At this time, the pregnant mother should keep lying flat as much as possible and seek medical treatment in time.

Will changes in secretions affect the fetus

When I am pregnant, I will always be frightened. A little physical change will be nervous. So will the changes in secretions affect the health of the baby?

In general, if simply increased secretions and no other symptoms, it will not have any impact on the baby.However, if the secretions have the above abnormalities mentioned above, then gynecological inflammation or other symptoms may occur. At this time, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If you are sure to suffer from gynecological inflammation, it may affect the health of the fetus to a certain extent.

In summary, pregnant mothers must pay attention to their physical condition in time throughout pregnancy, and check on time to determine whether the fetus is healthy.

I have a lot of money, a second -born mother who draws more money.Have you ever paid attention to changes in the secretion when you are pregnant?Come and discuss the comment area.

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