Will you get pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives?These four side effects, persuade you not to eat well!

“Emergency contraceptive pills can only be taken three times a year?” “

Yesterday is Valentine’s Day. I do n’t know how the results of the trash cans are squatting?

But having said that, for the couples who love me, in addition to watching movies together, enjoying candlelight dinner, shopping, buying and buying, maybe some "love activities" may be arranged!

Although spending sweet time with the people you like, often makes people feel comfortable, it is inevitable that they will wipe the guns and get angry.

If there is no good pregnancy plan and no safety measures, many people will think of another "contraceptive artifact" —- emergency contraceptive pill!

But the problem is that it is the so -called: the medicine is three -point poison.

If the emergency contraceptive pill is not taken correctly, it is likely to make you "Xitiwa", and may even damage the body, making this Valentine’s Day a "lover robber"!

Specifically, what effect does taking emergency contraceptives on the body?

After taking emergency contraceptives, it is accompanied by many adverse reactions. It is mainly manifested in nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, fatigue, and severe symptoms such as breast swelling, irregular menstruation, and bleeding.

Taking emergency contraceptives for a long time or continuously will cause damage to fertility, and the contraceptive effect of emergency contraceptives is not as good as conventional contraceptives, which may fail to fail, resulting in ectopic pregnancy.

details as follows:

1. Increasing the risk of foreign pregnancy

Many people think that the role of emergency contraceptives is very great. Sometimes, for many reasons, forgot to bring a condom, they will choose to take emergency contraceptives.

Using emergency contraceptives all year round is extremely dangerous.

The contraceptive effect of emergency contraceptives is not 100 %, but it will increase the chance of ectopic pregnancy.After taking a large number of contraceptives, it does not pay attention to the self -protection and self -conditioning after the incident, leading to secondary pelvic inflammatory disease, which will also cause ectopic pregnancy.

2. Premature ovarian failure appears

The main function of the ovary is to secrete hormones such as estrogen and progesterone to regulate the cyclical changes in the endometrium.

Emergency contraceptives can affect the secretion of hormones, especially affecting the secretion of progesterone.

In order to achieve the effect of contraception, hormones in emergency contraceptives inhibit the function of the ovarian and thereby inhibiting ovulation.If you take emergency contraceptives for a long time or multiple times, the stimulation of the ovaries will cause premature ovarian failure.

3. Cause menstrual disorders

Emergency contraceptives will inhibit ovarian function, which will affect the normal growth of the uterus, lead to thinning endometrium, which will cause a decrease in menstrual flow or even amenorrhea.

For girls, menstruation is very important.If menstruation is affected, growth and development will also be affected, and it will even lead to many gynecological diseases.

4. Cause uterine bleeding

After taking emergency contraceptives, retreat bleeding may occur.This is normal, don’t worry.

If you take emergency contraceptives for a long time, or take multiple times in the short term, causing uterine bleeding to be prolonged, the damage to the body is very great.

There are too many side effects of emergency contraceptives, and it is very harmful to the body. It is best for girls not to take this method of contraception.

Occasionally, because there is no way, I take emergency contraceptives. It doesn’t matter. As long as you pay attention to conditioning, you will not have much damage to your body.

However, if long -term use or in a short period of time, it will cause great harm to the body.

Emergency contraceptives can only be used as temporary remedial measures. Its contraceptive effectiveness is not high, and its safety is relatively low.

Of course, more than the so -called contraceptives, in fact, emergency contraceptives are more "regrets".

Therefore, before driving next time, I still hope that friends are better to "tie" the seat belt!

After all-tens of millions of roads, the first one!

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