Will you have a nightmare during pregnancy, will it affect your baby?

Everyone will dream, but always has nightmares after pregnancy, which will inevitably affect the mood.

If you have a pregnant mother, you ask me: Will you have a dream often affect the baby in the stomach?

"Sometimes I wake up from my dream several times a night, I am very worried …"

"I don’t know why, I think there is no abnormal situation during the day, but I always have a dream that is not good at night …"

… …

Dreaming is essential for everyone, and there are some benefits.However, dreams can also experience troubles, causing it to be affected by the pain in the dream after waking up.

If pregnant mothers have many dreams, nightmares, easy to wake up, or have too much sleep time, wake up the next day, tired, sleepy, dizziness, etc. These are 2 to 4 times a week, which lasts more than one month.Go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

If the content of the dream is related to the cause of unpleasant mood during the day, then due to the effect of psychological factors, it will cause the time to sleep with dreams, no dream sleep does not increase, and eventually the depth of sleep becomes lighter.

All in all, most of the reasons for the above phenomenon are because of emotional reasons.

However, emotions have a great impact on babies in pregnancy, such as frightening, severe mental stimuli, excessive mental tension can cause abortion, and may also affect the fetal personality and temperament, and these cannot be tested by B -ultrasound.

Long -term mood is not good, which may affect the endocrine system for a long time, and it will have adverse effects on the fetus and himself.

Therefore, pregnant women should fundamentally relieve the psychological factors that cause poor sleep, adopt the correct method and attitude to face psychological difficulties, and gradually solve the contradictions of reality.Normally, many other symptoms that coexist also disappear.

In short, the psychological factors of troubles are gone, and a series of reactions caused by it disappear.

Therefore, the pregnant mother must see everything during pregnancy. Conduct themselves. You should learn to control your emotions. Don’t let your worries occupy time, learn to be happy, and feel happy with the fetus.

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