Will you still get pregnant during breastfeeding?People with 3 characteristics on their bodies, even if they are "easy to get pregnant"

The lactation period is a special physiological period in women’s life. At this time, it has just experienced October pregnant, and the menstrual cycle may not be fully recovered to normal.Many people think that at this time women are not easy to get pregnant, so they do not pay attention to contraception during intercourse.Is this really the case?

Traditional concepts believe that there will be no contraceptive measures during breastfeeding, so many people do not take contraceptive measures, but many women have unfortunately "recruiting" in life.The Chief Physician of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital and Xiu Kui said that the reason why there is such a concept is because women have higher levels of the corridine prolactin in the body during breastfeeding.Contraceptive.However, Xiu Kui reminded that this cannot be contrast 100 %. During this time, women may still occur.When the female bodies have not fully recovered after the newly produced, it is likely to hurt women’s bodies again. At this time, contraceptive measures should be taken to avoid re -pregnancy.

At the same time, there is another wrong concept that if women have not recovered menstruation after giving birth, they will not get pregnant.However, in the outpatient clinic, I often see cases of pregnancy.Women will return to ovulation quickly without breastfeeding.With the improvement of living standards now, women can replenish sufficient nutrition in time after giving birth. Many women breastfeeding after delivery in time will also restore ovulation.In summary, contraceptive measures need to be taken to avoid accidental pregnancy during lactation.

For those who are prone to pregnancy, especially women who are pregnant in the same room once or twice, they often call them "easy to get pregnant".Some people joked that those who are susceptible to pregnancy can always hit in one blow during ovulation. Sometimes, even after eating contraceptives afterwards, they still do not work, and even exaggerated can wear the wrong pants with her husband.So what are the characteristics of those who are easy to get pregnant?

1. Menstruation law

Whether in life or clinical, menstrual rules are often important conditions for conception, because women with menstrual laws will ovulation normally, can accurately predict the ovulation period, and increase the chance of conception in the same room during ovulation.At the same time, people with menstruation often represent women’s health and good physical conditions, which is conducive to conception.

2. Not fat or thin

People who are too fat or too thin are not good for health, and even affect endocrine disorders, leading to irregular menstruation, irregular ovulation, and some too thin people.Therefore, women with moderate figures are more likely to conceive too much.

3. Warm hands and feet

Women with cold hands and feet are often cold in their bodies. When menstruation comes, it is prone to disagreement, dysmenorrhea, and congestion. Women with warm hands and feet represent their uterus in a warm state and more suitable for conception.

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