With heart disease and hypertension, high -risk maternal crying: I really want a child

[Severe Section] is a story column opened by a senior clinician on the seventh night in Cangyi Society. It tells the experience of the obstetrician Xia Hua and her colleagues at the rescue center of the dangerous maternal treatment center.Highlights.

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Tonight, update the story of the seventh night of the seventh night of the veteran clinical doctor [Section of the Seventh Causes].

This time, Xia Huali was treated with such a pregnant woman: she suffered from congenital heart disease, had difficulty breathing, and was often imprisoned on the hospital bed with the high pressure of the pulmonary artery.The doctor suggested to stop pregnancy, but she and her family insisted on giving birth to a child.

Xiahua is a headache for the willfulness and stubbornness of pregnant women.After learning about the hardships of the pregnant woman’s family and the real thoughts of the pregnant woman, Xiahua decided to help them.

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In the obstetric clinic, more than a hundred mothers a day are the norm.

It is probably too many people waiting outside the door. When I was giving a mother with too little maternal precautions, a pair of mothers and daughters were directly squeezed into the clinic.

There are other patients and family members in it, which is a bit restrained for the mother and daughter.

The young woman was even more craving, and her hands unconsciously wrapped in the large volume of inspection sheets.

My eyes naturally fell on her hands.

The skin is very white, but it is not delicate.

Especially the fingers, look a little awkward, the end of the knuckle is significantly expanded and thickened, which is a typical pest -shaped finger.

This is one of the manifestations of long -term chronic hypoxia.

It was found that the doctor kept staring at herself, and the woman instinctively lifted her head.

It can be seen that it is still very young, but there is no corresponding good look on the entire face, and his lips are still a little stingy.

"Come in first."

Seeing that the doctor said, the girl’s mother said "thank you," and then sat on the other bench with her daughter.

This girl named Li Xiaowan was previously conducted by the maternal and child health hospital.

The doctor there told her that she merged severe pulmonary hypertension because of Essenmann syndrome.

This disease belongs to pregnancy taboos. It is recommended that while the fetal age is young, the heart load is not so large, and labor is induced earlier.

So they have to change the hospital for consultation.

"My opinion is the same as the health hospital. Her pulmonary artery pressure is all a hundred (MMHG).Pregnancy taboos, I recommend being hospitalized here now, this child can’t ask. "

"Doctor, can you think about ways," Li Xiaowan looked up again, this time it seemed to have courage.

"I really want a child."

I didn’t reply directly, I just asked, "Do you feel very tired now, it depends not that your face is not very good."

The other party nodded, "There may be too many people in the corridor, the air is not good, I feel a little dizzy, and I don’t breathe smoothly."

I was afraid that too formal words would scare this too shy girl, and said to her with a smile, "But your mother feels okay."

"I have been working hard for a long time, and I also feed a lot of pigs, and my body is good." Mother Li also laughed.

Seeing that the other party led the topic to the topic, I immediately cut into the topic.

"You are alone now, the burden on the heart and lungs is not small. There is not so much oxygen for your own use. If you are pregnant, you can use a child to reserve it.It may be terrible for children. The more you go back, the greater the heart of the heart. "

"Doctor, my daughter, this child is not easy. Last year, a hysteroscopic surgery was performed at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and I was adjusted for a long time later. This was the first time I was pregnant."

Mother Li still did not realize the necessity of terminating pregnancy.

"Her disease is not suitable for pregnancy, why do you still do hysteroscopy?"

I am also a master who can’t listen to it, and I have never been patient with this pregnant woman who is indifferent to this kind of health consciousness.

"Let’s put it this way, the long -term hypoxia of her disease will have an impact on the development of the fetus. Continue pregnancy may cause children to have low intelligence, cerebral palsy, and slow development. Continue pregnancy. As the belly becomes larger and larger, the belly is getting larger and larger.The blood volume of the heart will also increase further, the heart burden will further increase, and severe respiratory failure and heart failure will occur. At that time, adults and children may not be able to keep it! "

There are many maternal and family members who are impatient outside. Naturally, I have no time to explain the necessity that must be miscarriage as soon as possible. I replaced the doctor’s usual seriousness and indifference, and tried my best to make a quick decision.

Li Xiaowan has started to wipe tears.

Mother Li looked at her crying daughter, and then looked at the doctor who was resolute. I didn’t know what to do.

"Let’s be hospitalized first. She is generally not very good now. Children’s affairs can be discussed again. Adults need to be hospitalized now."

I pushed the boat in the water to fill in the hospital certificate, "Go to the hospital first."

It’s more than twelve o’clock.

There are also some maternal and family members at the door.

I really can’t bear to send these maternal and family members who have already lined up in the morning to come again in the afternoon.I hurried to the bathroom and then looked at it again.

But at this time, the phone rang.

I am doing a physical examination for a mother, which is inconvenient to pick up, but there will be a posture that the other party will never stop.

It’s Li Chengqian.

I frowned. As soon as the phone was connected, "Sister Hua, how did you accept a lung high and told her to try it out!"

"I accept her up and be a flow of people!"

"Think about it. I said that she arranged the flow of people. As a result, the woman cried kept crying, saying that she was here to protect the fetus, and said that you could discuss what she said."

"When did I say that she could protect the fetus, she had a strong willingness to have a strong childbirth, and felt that she couldn’t die when she was not dead. She still felt that she had obvious shortness of breath when she was out of the clinic.

"Hey, it’s all about to get off work. You can collect me so much. Dinner must be arranged."

I was too lazy to care about him and hung up the phone in a hurry.

Li Xiaowan lived in the department, sucked oxygen, and did a little basic examination. As soon as Li Chengqian told her about the flow of people, she directly discharged the hospital.

This tricky potato is not hot, and Li Chengqian’s dinner is naturally avoided.

But a month later, Li Xiaowan and his family appeared again on Director Tan’s expert clinic.

Director Tan avoided Li Xiaowan’s eager eyes and put attention on her pile of inspection form.

His reply is the same as other doctors, and taboo is absolutely not allowed.

To induced labor as soon as possible, the more troublesome.

But the other party cried as soon as he heard it, saying that she wanted to have a child. She had this illness, but she was disqualified when she was sick and she was pregnant. She was pregnant for 16 weeks and ran a better running.There is no place for her hospital to give her a file.

She also cried as a criminal who had felitives. The prison found that she had to give her production opportunities when she was pregnant. Is it not possible to sign a life and death. She was responsible for it.

This time was from Li Xiaowan’s husband and wife.

Director Tan has worked in obstetrics for so many years. He has seen many women who are not suitable for pregnancy because of their own diseases, but risked to pregnancy in order to preserve marriage or help the husband’s family to "convey incense". They are fortunate that the doctor is just to scare them.

But when many hospitals are such rhetoric that made them realize that the risks are already difficult to ride tigers, some people simply continue their pregnancy.

Children are born to the hospital. They are afraid to refuse the consultation. Often, the children have not yet reached the full moon, and they are taken to the hospital because of this or so severe clinical symptoms.

In the case of the multi -department team of the hospital’s multi -department team, they finally had no danger, and some people had no chance to listen to their children’s mother after they gave birth to their children.

Seeing Li Xiaowan’s husband also meant, Director Tan was a little annoyed.

This person is young, and he must also understand the risks. In some people’s eyes, marrying his wife is purely to pass on to the generation.

Naturally, he was not polite to the other party, and counted the other party.

The young man was a little bit eaten, and said that it meant his wife himself.

Director Tan asked Li Xiaowan’s parents to come in and interview.

Every time he encountered such a thing, he did the job of the mother -in -law family.

Whoever hurts who hurts? When he hear that his girl has such a big risk, most parents will try their best to persuade her daughter to give up.

But Li Xiaowan’s parents made Director Tan break defensive.

He hesitated for a long time and sighed, and asked Li Xiaowan to sign on the prenatal health care manual with his parents.

The family thanked the family, but he always frowned, focusing on explaining the matters that you need to pay attention to, and left the mobile phone number to them.

Seeing Li Xiaowan again, I was a little surprised.

Her preventive health care manual was built by Director Tan, and he wrote each of the subsequent inspection and evaluation. This time, he was hospitalized by Li Xiaowan.

The children are almost 28 weeks now, and people have lived in. What else can I say?I only felt that I was abducted by this family.

Li Xiaowan, who is stubborn, can’t do it with Yan.

I wondered why some people have such a strong obsession about having children.

The first hospital of the city of Chengdong died a 27 -year -old pulmonary hypertensive mother, so many doctors’ family members persuaded her to persuade that she still resolutely asked for a child.

The child was born, but she had been living in the guard room because of her hypertension in the pulmonary artery, and she didn’t even see what the child grew up before she died.

She moved herself well, but left a lot of messy stalls for the hospital and family.

I was on duty on this night, and it was rare to confiscate new patients.

When I saw that Father Li was outside the door, I obviously wanted to tell me something, but during the period, other family members came to consult the question. He was also patient and waited outside the door.Entering the office and greeted me with a smile, the unique bottom -level people in the smile were humble and pleasing to all the "upper figures" in their eyes.

I am so familiar with that smile, I grew up in such an environment.

As soon as I felt soft, I pulled out the chair to signal the other party and said.

"My daughter, life is very bitter."

After saying such a word, this man who looked five or three was a little choked.

"Her mother and I are both rural people. I have been in the villagers before. If it wasn’t for my girl, I needed money, I might not leave our Longwang Village for a lifetime."

Having said that, he took off the smoke that had been pinched on his ears, and he groped in his pocket. He should be looking for a lighter, but when he thought of still in the hospital, he stopped his hand.

Then I noticed his hand.

Those hands are extremely rough, and their two fingers have two fingers on their hands. The hands that miss the four fingers look a little shocked.

He saw that the doctor kept staring at his hand, smiled, and worked.

"The two left hand were smashed at the construction site in 2006. At that time, the contractor had only given some medical expenses, raised for more than two weeks, and did not give a misunderstanding fee. This is a cost -effective point,"

He looked at his right hand again.

"This was twisted in the mechanical factory in the mechanical factory in 12 years. He also had a worker injury and the disability. The compensation was more. Fortunately, there was more money there. My girl’s condition was serious.The infection is very heavy. I have lived in the intensive care unit for a long time. If there is no money, maybe people are gone. "

When he saw me willing to listen to him, he talked about the experience of his family.

I am a rural person, there is no culture, and I have nothing to bear in my life.

The most sorry for this life is my girl.

When my daughter -in -law was pregnant, many people said that they must be a kid. I was quite happy at the time, and I liked the boy, haha.

Speaking of which, the man smiled, and the smile was a bit thick, and the less neat teeth were so exposed.

I waited for a long time at the door of the delivery room. The nurse showed it to me, saying that it was a girl, and I doubted it wrong.

To be honest, I was quite disappointed at the time.

In Xiangba, the idea of Chuanzong’s succession is still very heavy. Families without a son have used to eat unborn households.

In a few days when my girl was born, I was so angry that I had a meal every day.

But after a few days, I also figured out. My daughter is my daughter, and my species is my species.The key is that I found that the girl looked more and more obedient. The little arm was like a sugar gourd, and she had a fragrant milk flavor.In particular, my girl opened her eyes after more than a week, but every time she saw me, she would grin.

Speaking of which, this rough man grinned again, and I also gradually gathered from his eyes to feel a gentle smile, feeling the emotional transformation of the man who was the father who was the father many years ago.

My girl is really flattering, and the more I really like it.Since then, I come back from the ground every day. The first thing is to raise my daughter up.Every time, when I am in one fell swoop, the chick laughed.

We are very poor. People who are younger go outside to work. The family rely on that field, and then raise some livestock, and we can only live.

But I really don’t want to work outside. There are also many parents who work outside our village, and the children leave them to the elderly.My parents are not with their children. They feel that the child is also very evil, and the child and their parents can not see it for a long time, and it is easy to take care of it.

If there is a poor way, smoke smoke the kind of leaves that can’t spend any money, and mahjong will not fight. You can see his wife and children every day, and you feel that the heart is sweet.

But my baby’s body has not been very good. As soon as it is in winter, I get sick and always cough. Sometimes I ca n’t breathe, and my face can be purple.

Every time we see a doctor at the Zhenli Hospital. The doctor said that it was poor. We have not been in our hearts. Thinking of the child is older, the body can be better. Many children do n’t always love fever and cough when they are young.

Just waiting for Wan Wan to be twelve years old.

Our children have been honest since childhood, and they dare not tell the teacher if they are uncomfortable.

That time was winter, she was still panting. The teacher asked for 400 meters, and she didn’t dare to ask for leave, so she ran tightly.But halfway, people fainted.

Then we found that the child was wrong and sent the child to the county hospital. As soon as we checked, the child had congenital heart disease, and there was a hole in the heart. We had to go to the big hospital to see it.

We went to the city with Wan Wan and ran a lot of large hospitals. This was the saying, and we had to surgery quickly.

But it takes a lot of money. We have not saved much in those years, and we have also been sick in the past two years of my mother -in -law. We owe a lot of foreign accounts for the child’s illness.Borrowed money.

The two of us were discussing. The child mother took care of his daughter at home, raised a few more pigs, and made the basic life of the family. I went to work outside.I have no culture, and I have no technology. If you want to earn more, you can only get your work.

That year, I arrived in Guangdong. When I went, I went directly to the construction site. All the strengths of anti -cement and pushing bricks were working. There were dozens of pounds of cement. I carried hundreds of bags of bags at most a day.

At that time, the construction site was not like now. Nothing was not formal. Many places only paid once a year. At that time, I also heard about the running worker at the end of the year. I worked hard for a year.I can’t get the work money.

The more you are afraid of, the more you are.

In the first year, I really didn’t get money.

We did more than 20 people doing it for a whole year like a savage. They couldn’t get money.In the end, the money was chased back, but the big head still didn’t hold it, and I could only recognize it.

I called at home and knew that Wan Wan was hospitalized again. That year, the pork could not sell the price.

I hated it at the time, and I thought it was the world.

But the security guard on our construction site told me that it should not happen that this kind of migrant worker could not get money in the future. Can’t you put it on TV, even the prime minister has spoken to help migrant workers with salaries.

After listening to this, I feel that I have hope again, and I have done it for a year, but I got the money at the end of the year. This time there are tens of thousands of thousands of thousands.The cost of the operation is almost enough.

I was stupid at that time. For the first time, I was put on a plastic pocket when I saw so much money. The excitement in my heart was unwilling to go to the bank deposit card.I felt that I was suffering for two years. At night, I slept with the bag of money to sleep well. It was all hard -earned money. I could wake up when I dreamed. My girl had money to see a doctor.

That year, it was difficult for the train ticket thief to buy a hard seat in the Spring Festival. We lined up the team for one night before buying the ticket.I haven’t seen a girl in two years, and I am also excited.

When I was still in the waiting room, I fell asleep. After I woke up, I found that the snake skin bag carried on my back made a sip. I was stupid at the time. I poured all the big pockets on the ground.But that bag of money was never looking for.

At that time, I was so angry that I cried on the ground, and I felt that God had no eyes, and so many people, but why did God point to me alone.

Naturally, the family can’t go back. A person who can’t buy a ticket has added some money to buy the ticket.I went to the Pearl River alone, and I thought about it at that time. This bitter day was too long and I always felt that I couldn’t see it.

But when I thought I came here to make money for my daughter, I couldn’t think of it. What would my daughter do?

I turned around on the side of the Pearl River and returned to the shed, and I could only come from scratch again.

In the Spring Festival in the third year, I finally took the money home.

The girl did not see me for three years, but she didn’t have a child. When she saw me, she held me and cried, saying that her father suffered.

How could I stand this and hold my daughter, tears and snot flow.

The couple brought their children and money, and rejoiced to the best hospital in the city to prepare for surgery.But the doctor did a check again, saying that the delay time has been too long, there is no chance of surgery, you can only take more oxygen, and you need to take medicine to control it.Changed.

It’s really a man.

The doctor said that Wan Wan will definitely accompany the pulmonary hypertension in the future.The doctor also gave us an analogy. Because of the hypertension of the pulmonary, her heart had to send the blood to the whole body, and she had to operate overloaded.

The doctor also asked me when it was when the construction site was most tiring, and I said it was when I carried the cement.Then he said that Wan Wan was as tired as I was carrying cement on the construction site when I was resting in the future. I was tired and could rest, but she kept carrying it for 24 hours, which would eventually lead to heart failure.Early died.

After getting this disease, Wan Wan’s usual life is also affected. He always has no strength, not far away, not to be tired.Sometimes the condition is a bit more serious, climbing the stairs, and even walking in the stairs, and even walking, he is panting. He has gathered blood and fainted in school several times.

The people around us laughed that we brought the children too delicately. The children in the countryside also developed Lin Daiyu, but I know that Wan Wan is like this, all of which are harmed.

After returning from the hospital, our husband and wife cried a headache.From time to time, she was hospitalized, and her grades were naturally unable to keep up. After reading her junior high school, she didn’t read it. She stayed at home.

I thought about it. She would not be suitable for work in the future. It must be that our husband and wife raised her, and I still need a lot of money in the future. Therefore, I still go to the construction site. Although I am tired, I can earn it.

We will live at the construction site and live.They are all gangsters, and their wives are not around. Every time they pay money, there are always workers who want to go out for a chic time. They always pull me.

I am also a normal man, and it is certainly impossible to say that there is no need, but I feel bad for money.The medicine that Wan Wan was going to eat was a little cheaper in Guangdong, and I bought it after sending money.

Once I bought it, I had to send it to it. When I saw it, I was seen by the workers, and they joked me. I could n’t see that you were usually very honest. They were still taking these medicines, and they bought so much.

I’m too lazy to ignore them, and I don’t know how to explain the medicine called "Viagra". In fact, I bought it for my daughter to eat it.

The doctor said that there was better medicine, called Bosontan, but we couldn’t afford it. At that time, a box of stuff cost almost 20,000, but it was still adjusted.

After several years, Wanwan’s illness was controlled well.In the past few years, I finally had someone to talk about the media. That is, the other party had a paralysis of pediatrics, and the legs and feet were unfavorable, but the young man was good. He knew that we had this disease and could not have children in the future.The other party didn’t say anything, and the two were given the matter.

Later, Bostein’s price was much cheaper, and Wan Wan started taking that medicine, and the effect was very good. In the past two years, we can live like normal people. We are very pleased.

The demolition in the city has finally been demolished to us the previous year. There are a lot of houses and land in our houses. In the past two years, house prices in the city have also soared, so we lost a lot.

In those years in the construction site and factory, I thought from time to time, if I suddenly fell for money, how should I spend those money.

But this day is really here, and I am not happy for two days.

We are used to it for most of our life, and we really don’t know what to do with so much money.We asked the daughter, and now I have money at home. I want to do something, and my parents can help you dream.But my girl only said one, she wanted to be a mother …

My most owed in my life is my daughter. If she was born in a home with a little better conditions, this disease would not be delayed.

So doctors, I also ask you to help her, help her fulfill this dream …

This time, the doctor -patient communication was very large. I brought Li Xiaowan’s husband and wife and the parents of both parties to the conference room. I asked this family to witness the clinic of Li Xiaowan’s high -risk pregnancy.

As a ductal doctor, I made a systematic condition report.

Obstetrics, cardiology, thoracic surgery, anesthesiology, intensive medical department, director of the Department of Respiratory Department, or the backbone of the Department of Respiratory, all participated in the consultation.Although from different departments, the so -called surgery industry has specialized attacks, but after listening to Li Xiaowan’s medical history and checking her recent inspection information, a unified conclusion was given.

All the participating doctors said that Li Xiaowan’s condition was too serious, and severe pulmonary arterial high pressure has always been pregnancy taboos. Patients insist on asking for fertility, which violates medical routines.

This time, I believe that the Li Xiaowan family understands, but it is too late to retreat from the moment. The child is so big that the risk of induction of labor is not as small as the production.

Both sides have no retreat now.

This bow has been pulled open, and we can’t get back. At present, both doctors and patients can only fight the water.

Li Xiaowan’s child has been 28 weeks.

After 28 weeks, the child has a certain chance of survival.

But in this way, Li Xiaowan’s heart load will become larger and larger, and from a series of inspections such as color Doppler ultrasound, blood gas analysis, coagulation function, her various indicators are deteriorating.

I will make Li Xiaowan’s family in the conversation room again.

"After women enter their pregnancy, their bodies will be in a high -coordinated state, which will make patients with hypertension of pulmonary arteries more likely to lead to the occurrence of pulmonary embolism. At the same time, arrhythmias that may occur at any time, and even pulmonary hypertension habits, like two timing bombs, bombs are tied toOn the mother. So it is recommended to terminate pregnancy now, and quickly take a cesarean section to take out the child. "

"Doctor, you said that the children who came out in 28 weeks, although there is a chance of living, the smaller the child’s fetal age, the less the development of each organs, especially the lungs, so the child should not take it out first.. I checked it all, saying that my mother’s uterus is the best insulation box. "

I didn’t answer immediately.

I looked at this woman who was a little bit younger than himself in front of me.

The stubborn pregnant mother in front of me, and Li Xiaowan, who I saw for the first time, didn’t seem to be alone.

The person in front of him was stubborn, but he was firm and even very powerful.

I originally wanted to tell Li Xiaowan about the pros and cons.

There are many doctors who have repeatedly explained the interests of this.

But now, in the face of this weak but stubborn woman, I simply gave up my plan to continue persuasion. After a bitter smile, I continued to communicate below and explain the matters.

That afternoon, I was going to go out for a long time.

When I returned to the department, it had passed dinner time.

I saw a beautiful fruit basket on my desk, and a envelope was pressed under the basket.

I opened the envelope, and a piece of goose yellow letters fell out.

I have never seen such a handwritten letter for too many years.

Li Xiaowan’s handwriting is very beautiful, so I have a little ashamed that the handwriting has always been scribbled.

Dear Dr. Xia, hello.

I know that my wayward decision makes many people difficult.

Since I was pregnant, I went to several hospitals, but because of this disease, no hospital was willing to build a file for me, let alone receiving me to be admitted to the hospital for delivery.

Here, thank you and Director Tan to receive me when I had no door to medical treatment.

In these days, I understand that you have made a lot of efforts for me and my baby. I also want to be a obedient patient, so that I will not live up to your efforts.

But I suggest that I suggest that I have to terminate pregnancy at this node in 28 weeks, and I am willful again.

I know you are thinking for my safety.

Because of the defects of the body, many wonderful doors in the world closed to me. I envy every healthy girl, because their lives have infinite possibilities.This disease has deprived many of my dreams, and even the wish of my mother is almost impossible.

Being a mother is the most selfish decision in my life.

I was eager to be a mother, although I always knew that breeding this child was a gamble itself.

I am a patient with congenital heart disease and has been tortured by disease since I was a child.From my memories, I can’t run in the blue sky like a child of the same age. In many winter, I have been imprisoned on the hospital bed.I thought my life was about to end.

I believe that there is no one in the world who will feel the same with the pain of another person, even if my parents can’t.So I don’t even want my child to lose a little bit.

I know that the current medical technology is already very developed, but the earlier the children come out, the more sins will be.Those sins, I have been sufficient these years, so I want to ensure that my child can live better after birth, just like these years, my parents have done their best to protect me.

Love is passed down from generation to generation.

Therefore, for this child, I can stick to it now.

I have to make trouble again, and I am very sorry.

I wish: Happy every day.

The end is a smiley face.

The content of this letter is not long, but I have read it for a long time.

I am not a very mother -in -law, and naturally I can’t understand her strong desire for becoming a mother.

Starting from the treatment of Li Xiaowan, I was a little disgusted with her willfulness and stubbornness.

But now I have put down these prejudices.

I even like this family.


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