With these symptoms, early treatment cannot be ignored

On July 5th, the famous singer Li Yan died of death due to depression. This news shocked and puzzled many people.How can a person who can sing and dance on the stage and bring you so many happy people suddenly leave everyone in this way?How terrible is depression?How far is depression from us?How should we deal with depression?With these issues, the Shenyang Evening News and Shen Bao all media reporters interviewed Zou Rulian, a professor at Shenyang University and chairman of the Shenyang Psychological Counselor Association.

Depression is a cure for the disease

Zou Rulian said that, just like hypertension, diabetes, chronic pulmonary emphysema, depression is a chronic disease that recurred.Depression is an intangible killer. Early manifestations, depression, depressed mood, loss of interest, lack of energy, pessimistic disappointment, the body’s energy seemed to be exhausted.The core symptoms are emotional low and interest.If it is not treated, it is easy to occur from unhappy, unable to survive, and develop until you do not want to live.Therefore, the maintenance treatment of depression is important.

At present, the main treatment method of depression is drug treatment, because drug treatment is fast and relieved, and it is supplemented by psychotherapy and cognitive behavior treatment.

Most women with depression

Study data shows that most of patients in patients with depression, and more than half of depression patients are more than 35 years old.

There are two peak age groups in depression: about 20 and about 40 years old.Physiological, this is the change from the late youth to the early years; psychologically, it is necessary to face the accelerated pace of work and the greater living pressure, etc., and it is more likely to have symptoms of depression.Data show that after the epidemic, the number of depression has increased.

People who are cheerful and laughing will also get depression

Many people don’t understand. How can she sing and dance on the stage like Li Yan, how can they get depression?

First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that depression is a disease, and people with a personality may suffer from depression.Yu Yahuan is a stereotype of depression. You must know that there is a kind of depression called "smile depression". Due to the needs of work, or because of face and etiquette, they smile most of the time, covering the inner low and low drops.mood.

Why are people unhappy?

If you want to clarify the cause of depression, you have to start with why people are unhappy.

Human nervous system is responsible for conveying the stimulus that the outside world suffers.There is neurotransmitters in nerve cells. When the human body is stimulated, the neurotransmitters will pass these stimuli.When passed to the next nerve cell, the experience of the existence of nerve cells continued to pass downward after accepting this stimulus.Human emotional changes are related to these signals.Some of them are responsible for happy neurotransmitters, such as dopamine can convey pleasant signals and make people feel happy.

However, if nerve cells shrink, decrease in neurotransmitters, or receptor atrophy, the transmission of happy signals will be interrupted or quality decreases, and human pleasure will decrease.Studies have shown that nerve cell atrophy, decreased neurotransmitter, or receptor atrophy all show correlation with depression, but this correlation does not fully explain depression.

Why do people have depression?

At present, the general view is that depression is related to the three modes of the human body.The first is the mode of life: genes are one of the factors that influence depression at present, and some people are born with depression factors.The second is the psychological model: some people are cheerful, and they are not afraid of the collapse. They are more optimistic people.Such people have strong suppression of depression factors in the body.Some people feel very sensitive to some outside stimuli, and emotions are very vulnerable.Those who have a fragile personality and sadness can easily induce depression factors in the body.Third, social models: Once people with fragile personality have encountered unsatisfactory things in their lives in their lives, such as the lack of love for the growth environment, the pressure of work and life, poor mood, frequent insomnia, or encountering some emergency events, such as encountering some emergency, such asThe death of the people around him, family or work suddenly changes. These factors may cause depression factor in the body to develop, constantly developing, and finally involved people into the shadow of depression.

In these three models, the biological model is the foundation, and the psychological model and social model are induced conditions.The common role of the three eventually leads to depression.

Some patients do not seek medical treatment in time, and depression will change from induction to spontaneous.Therefore, when we find ourselves or people around us have a tendency to depressed, we must ask for a doctor as soon as possible.

How to check and diagnose depression?

First do a physiological examination.General doctors do some routine examinations before diagnosis to eliminate depression caused by physical reasons.For example, if the thyroid dysfunction is obtained, and the changes in hormone levels after girls’ pregnancy may lead to a bad mood. Generally, it will recover by itself. It is not depression.

Second, the diagnosis of environmental factors.Doctors will also rule out the depression caused by environmental changes. For example, replacing new jobs and the death of people around them may cause a brief stress response.Although it is a bit similar to depression, it is not depression.

The third is the diagnosis of symptoms.After excluding the above two factors, the doctor will evaluate the patient’s symptoms.What are the common symptoms of depression?First of all, I feel unhappy in terms of emotion, and I am no longer interested in what I was interested in.The second is that in terms of cognitive behavior, I feel guilty inexplicable, I do n’t concentrate, feel that I have no value, feel desperate, and want to commit suicide.In terms of autonomous nervous system, it includes slow reaction, insomnia, drowsiness, do not want to eat or overeating, and feel tired.

If at least one symptoms, cognitive behavior and autonomous nervous system have at least five symptoms in terms of emotion, and these symptoms occupy most of the daily time, which lasts more than two weeks to be judged as depression. It is recommendedFind a professional doctor for further treatment.

How to treat depression?

According to the extent on daily life, depression can be divided into three categories, namely mild, moderate and severe.Mild depression has little effect, and it is easier to treat.Do more happy things, such as exercise, sweating, will gradually improve.

Moderate depression will affect normal work and life.At this time, you need to take antidepressants to help recover.

People with severe depression generally cannot work and live normally, and they must be treated with antidepressants.After the symptoms improve, we need to continue to use antidepressant treatment, and combine exercise and some specific psychotherapy to promote more comprehensive recovery.

If depression is not treated thoroughly, it is easy to recur.So it is recommended to be after the symptoms improve.At least six to nine months of consolidating treatment.For recurrences, it is best to be more than two years.

Companion and care is essential for patients with depression

The companionship of family and friends is also very important for the treatment of depression.Once you find that you have a tendency to depression, you must tell your family or friends to take the initiative to seek their help.If you find that someone around you suffer from depression, you must accompany them patiently to help them treat them.

Zou Rulian hopes that everyone can better understand depression, and they can also correctly look at friends who are suffering from depression.To overcome depression, professional treatment is needed, and people around you need to understand and accompany them.

Shenyang Evening News, Shen Bao full media reporter Liu Dong

Source: Shenyang Evening News

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