Women and strange netizens are accidentally pregnant after derailment: they also forced him to be a father, and the husband was so angry that he would be mad to divorce

There is nothing in the world!

The young couple, who was only married for more than a year, broke out a shocking scandal. In order to retaliate against her husband’s indifferent attitude, she resolutely chose to derail in marriage.

Quietly dating online and having a relationship with strange men. Soon after, she was pregnant with other people’s children. The husband was so angry that he was angry when he learned of this.

However, the wife’s approach was surprising, not only refusing to divorce, but also forcibly asked the husband to accept the child.

He also threatened: "If the husband had to be angry with her, she would not be so impulsive, all this was what he asked!"

What exactly happened between the wedding couples in this way?

Why is she so derailed?Is there any hidden love behind this?

Cai Shaohui and his wife Zhang Xiaoling belong to the left -level men and the leftover women. Under the cooperation of relatives and friends, the two successfully came together.

When they got married, they were not young. Zhang Xiaoling was 29 years old at that time, and her husband was 3 years older than her.

It can be said that at that time, the two of them ran to get married. To form a family of their own family was the common goal of the two.

In the first half of the first half of the marriage, the couple were tired and crooked all day long. They were a little older who eagerly wanted a child who belonged to themselves, because Cai Shaohui had a hobby of smoking and drinking. Zhang Xiaoling often persuaded him to quit, so successfulThe chance of going to the child is greater.

However, many years of habits can be changed, so in the future life, this small difference has become the fuse of the couple’s feelings.

For the lives of his family, Cai Shaohui had to temporarily leave his hometown to work in a foreign country and leave his wife alone.

Shortly after leaving, Cai Shaohui received a call from his wife and told him that he was successful and he was about to be his father.

After receiving this good news, he was so happy that he told many workers and shared his mood of his prospective father.

However, within a few days, his wife cried and called him to tell him that the child was flowed away, saying that it was cold when the ice cubes in the freezer were cleaned up, which made the fetus fail to keep it successfully.

Cai Shaohui on the other side of the phone was very bad in his heart. He felt like he fell from heaven to hell at once, and his mood was bad.

Despite this, he still comforted his wife, but there were some complaints in his heart.

Coupled with the pressure of work, in the subsequent days, he basically did not take the initiative to call the family. Even if his wife played, he hung up a few words.There are some subtle changes in feelings.

With several months, Zhang Xiaoling gradually felt that her husband’s attitude towards herself was getting colder. After so long, he did not take the initiative to call. Even if he could not say a few words, he would quarrel.She is very uncomfortable.

The two people even ridiculed each other. Zhang Xiaoling directly said to her husband: "If you don’t care about me again, do you believe me to find a husband again?"

However, Cai Shaohui didn’t worry about it at all. He knew that this was his wife talking angrily to himself, so he said with a expressionless expression:

"If you have the ability, go, just rely on your posture, can anyone see it? I also poured a mold for eight lives, and I actually married you!"

Later, he hung up the phone directly. In Cai Shaohui’s view, this was the wife who was deliberately fighting with himself, and he was too lazy to ignore it.

However, Zhang Xiaoling was dissatisfied with her husband’s attitude. In an angry, she opened up dating software on the Internet and started chatting with strange netizens to vent her depression in her heart.

This wave of operations became out of control. In the process of making friends online, Zhang Xiaoling’s psychology was greatly comforted. The sweet words from strangers, and the warmth and warmth made her very useful.Unwilling to treat her indifferent attitude, she was in her heart in chatting with netizens.

One day, when netizens asked her to meet, she could predict what would happen next, but she was remembered by her husband’s heart.I went to the appointment under impulse.

This time, Zhang Xiaoling seemed to be an impulse, and she didn’t care.After the incident, she returned to her original life and separated from her husband for a long time. It seemed to have a husband and wife, but there were many problems in the relationship.

In this case, she directly blamed her responsibility on her husband’s head, because she felt it for granted, and she had no psychological burden.

As a few months passed, she gradually realized the strangeness of her body. After going to the hospital for examination, she learned that she was pregnant.

At that time, Zhang Xiaoling was in a complicated mood, and she was accidentally pregnant after she was derailed with her husband.At the age of 30, she can say that she can have a child who can have her own.

However, this child was not born with her husband, and it was difficult to choose for a while.If the child is quietly removed, the husband can handle the past smoothly.

But let her still feel a little reluctant to flow this child in this way. After all, she is in charge of her age, and no one said that she can be pregnant in the future.

Thinking about it, I decided to make a call to my husband and visit the wind over there.

If he was still so cold, she would have to try to give birth to the child. She felt that only this is the case, and the future life is guaranteed.

Because of this for a long time, the relationship between the husband and wife had a day when the relationship between the couple came to the end, and her life would be more difficult.

So she called the phone and told her husband about her pregnancy again, but did not expect that it was still ridiculous.

"Neurotrophic, I didn’t have a pregnancy at home, but the air could not be available?" After speaking, I still wanted to hang up the phone directly. He felt that his wife was boring and made some inexplicable jokes every time. However, thisHe missed the second time.

Four months later, her husband Cai Shaohui used his vacation time to go home. After all, this time he went out for a long time. It has been more than a year, and he also wants to go back to rest for a few days and come out for a few days.

So I bought a train ticket and returned to my hometown from Shanghai.

After returning home, I discovered abnormalities. Everything in the family was cleaned up and disappeared.This made him feel bad.

Immediately, he called the phone and knew that his wife had returned to her mother’s house. Why did she still move everything about her home?This made Cai Shaohui think of it.

After a simple rest for a while, he quickly rushed over.

However, the scene that came into view made him angry, and his wife opened the door with a small belly. At this time, the husband was confused, and soon he remembered that his wife told him that he was pregnant a few months ago.Things, don’t think much about him and know that this child has a problem, it is definitely not his own.So he asked quickly:

"Who is this child, why do you do this?"

The wife said indifferently: "How do I know who it is? Most of them are not yours anyway. I just found my person outside."

The scene in front of him was inevitable. Cai Shaohui obviously couldn’t stand his wife wearing a green hat for him, so he proposed a divorce.And let him compensate his mental loss, as well as the gift money given by the original marriage, and 70,000 gifts for their parents.

The money was used by his wife to decorate the house for the house. Cai Shaohui, who was in love at the time, didn’t take it seriously, but now he doesn’t think so. He feels that he was deceived at the beginning.

However, the next word of his wife was very angry, almost going to run away, and was forcibly suppressed by him.

"You asked me to go outside to find someone else, and now we blame my head again. If you haven’t had an attitude towards me every time, would I do such a thing?

If you want to divorce so simple, I will never agree, and I have to give birth to this child, and you will also become his father. This is a punishment for you."

Helpless Cai Shaohui had to leave first, but the marriage was determined to leave. After all the Cai family knew this, he suggested that he leave. After all, no man can accept such a thing.

After a discussion, the Cai family decided to go to the mother -in -law’s house to discuss one statement. First of all, it must be determined who the third party is and who is the child in the stomach.

The group came to the mother -in -law’s house mighty and wanted to ask who the child was, but the answer was ambiguous, and he didn’t know it at all.

It was just a person that Zhang Xiaoling hooked on the Internet at will, and after the incident, the two broke the contact, and now there is no trace on the Internet.

Speaking of divorce, Zhang Xiaoling and mother -in -law strongly opposed them, and they did not recognize any compensation.Either part ways after division of home delivery, or continue to maintain a marriage relationship.

Cai Shaohui’s father finally made a concession. The prerequisite was to kill this child who did not know the origin. Then there was the possibility of the husband and wife relationship. However, the mother and daughter resolutely opposed it.Cai Shaohui is this cheap dad.

The Cai family was naturally unacceptable. For this reason, they specially consulted the lawyer, but the lawyer’s answer also made them helpless.

"Although knowing that she is not your child in her stomach, if the child needs to make a joint resolution of the husband and wife, one party can only stop the matter.

She obviously had a major fault in the derailment during the marriage. You can sue for divorce. When the property is divided into property, you will be less points or the wrong party. As for the psychological compensation raised by the man, you will also consider it as appropriate."

Later, the mother -in -law accused the son -in -law of not. He thought that his daughter was not wrong. If he was a husband, he didn’t know how much he cared about his wife. This kind of thing was caused by the son -in -law.

His daughter is now 30 years old. If you do n’t want a child, there is still a chance to be a mother in the future.She even blame her son -in -law to be not generous enough, not wide -hearted, and isn’t it fragrant to be a cheap dad.

Several people quarreled for a long time. In the end, no one persuaded anyone. The man insisted on letting the woman kill the child, and then the suspicion came again.The woman’s family resolutely chose to give birth to the child and unwilling to divorce.So the situation of the two sides appeared stalemate.

Later, the cadres in the village came forward to coordinate the two parties. However, after a long time, the two sides still insisted on their ideas.Anyway, she did not think about divorce and killing her children.

If you have to insist on this, you can sue for divorce, but you will not get a penny to compensate before the court’s pronounced property ownership.

In the end, this incident ended with the failure of mediation. Cai Shaohui and his family said that he would end this bad marriage in a way to sue divorce.

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