Women are infertile after marriage, do not go to the hospital, only drink Chinese medicine. Old director: Come early, the treatment is very simple

Ms. Sun’s Sun has been married for two years, and the couple have not been able to go to a child, because Ms. Sun itself is relatively thin, and the couple are worried that taking western medicine will have an impact on her body, and she is afraid that she will affect the child in her belly.In this way, the two people have been watching Chinese medicine.

The medicine did not drink less, but it did not seem to have much effect. Ms. Sun’s belly was still flat. Later, the elderly at home advised them to go to a large hospital to check, so that the couple came to Jinan.I arranged the relevant examination after detailed consultation between the two. As a result, there was no problem with the man, but Ms. Sun had the problem of tubal adhesion and the problem of uterine malformations.

Because the uterus is a three -dimensional structure, it is not easy to clarify which uterine deformity is. It requires a comprehensive observation of inner view and external view to determine the shape and internal structure.Sometimes ultrasound examination cannot be completely diagnosed.Especially like twin -corner uterus and long -length uterus is a relatively easy to confuse uterine malformations.I have diagnosed and distinguished by Ms. Sun’s situation through MRI. The ultimate diagnosis is that the diagnosis is a hypertrophy of the uterus. Micro -invasive surgery needs to be performed to ensure pregnancy.

Generally, various female reproductive systems may occur in the development of embryos.Among them, the twin, the twin uterus, the one -horn uterus, the interval uterus, the residual horn uterus, etc.Of course, a small part of the uterine has no deformity.And these are the most common clinical uterine deformities in the clinic, Ms. Sun is the most common clinical uterine deformity.

Normal women’s uterus has only one uterine cavity. There are three openings in the uterine cavity. The front is the inner mouth of the cervix.The normal uterine cavity is spacious and smooth, and the formation of uterine deformities is caused by the abnormal development of a girl in the uterus during the embryo period. Before the uterus was formed, it was two sub -renal tubes, which gradually approached the middle section, and finally fixed to form a uterus.The upper end does not blend to form a left and right tubes, and the bottom end is fixed to form the upper end of the vagina.In the process of integration, if the fusion is not good, there will be three cases: completely fusion, but the septum is not completely degraded, forming a hyperpopal uterus; partial fusionEssence

Her situation is that the hypertrophy causes the deformation of the uterine cavity, and the endometrium development of the uterine hypertrophy is not very good. The blood supply to the endometrium of the uterine will affect the bed and development of the embryo.It is also prone to abortion.If they come to check early, they should be pregnant in a timely manner. They should be pregnant, and they will have certain damage to the situation of tubal tubes for so long.

However, it is not too late to come now. I performed a combination of laparoscopic surgery for her situation. This mediastinal removal under the hysteroscopy is separated under the laparoscopy.Conduct.Comprehensive improvement of the reproductive environment and improving pregnancy rates.

Four months later, Ms. Sun reached the level of pregnancy when she came again. I asked them to go home to try pregnancy. In the second month, she was pregnant. Congratulations to their husband and wife.

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