Women don’t know that they are pregnant, and when they go to the toilet, they see the toilet extending two small feet, screaming screaming

Luci Jones didn’t know she was pregnant

When Lucy Jones, 22, began to feel pain on her back and stomach, she regarded it as menstrual pain and shrugged -because her pain would expire this weekend.

The next morning, she felt her stomach "flip" and then rushed into the bathroom.

When she went to the toilet, she heard a "impact sound" -then lowered her head to see "two feet stretched out" on the toilet.

Yes, Lucy was pregnant, just gave birth to a child, but did not know.

The first time the "scared" mother said she didn’t know she was pregnant, because she had no symptoms during the whole pregnancy, and continued to take contraceptives every day, and still had menstruation.

The crew intern even said that she had a medical examination when she was unknowingly pregnant and was announced to be suitable for flight.

In addition, the results of the two pregnancy tests are negative.

The new mother said that she worked for 70 hours a week, drank frequently, and went to soak it about 15 times during her pregnancy -including her three days before her childbirth.

Therefore, the arrival of the four -month -old daughter Ruby is shocking -but Lucy is very happy about the progress of the matter.

However, full -time mothers really want to raise their understanding of mysterious pregnancy (when a woman does not know she is pregnant with a child).

Lucy continues to come to menstruation without obvious lumps

"I don’t have a lump or sick, saying my menstruation every month.

"I have two negative pregnancy tests, because my new crew members work, I have to accept them.

"When I go to a doctor and conduct pregnancy tests, I have been pregnant for eight months.

"He (doctor) pressed my stomach and body, and he didn’t doubt anything.

"I’m still taking medicine. I take it every day and have persisted for six or seven years.

"After Christmas, I wore a piece of clothes and then dropped another. I attributed it to eating and drinking."

Mom continues to drink and go out during pregnancy unknowingly

Before childbirth, Lucy had been a bar manager, but had been undergoing flight attendants.

After a week of training, she returned home for two days -then Xiaolby came.

Lucy said: "The night before, my stomach and back pain, but I was going to have menstruation this weekend, so that’s it."

"I woke up in the morning and took a bath, but I just wanted to sleep before returning to Bristol.

"I lay on the bed for about 45 minutes. It felt like my stomach was flipping. This was the only way I described it. I just felt that I needed a poop.

"I ran to the toilet, and a person gave birth to a daughter in the toilet at home.

"I heard a loud noise, looked down, and two feet stretched out the toilet.

‘I don’t have any pain.No one will believe it.

"I have back pain and stomach pain, but when I have any pain on my body, I have no pain, and push out what I think is poop."

Lucy hopes to improve the understanding of mysterious pregnancy

Lucy wrapped her daughter in a towel and put her in the water sink of the kitchen.

At that time, she was at home alone, so she called her dad. About ten minutes later, her parents returned.

They also called the ambulance while they were on the road.

Lucy added: "I didn’t know that I was pregnant until I saw the baby in the toilet."

"I screamed hysterically and said‘ there is a baby ’. They thought there would be abortion, not a full -sized seven -pound babies in the kitchen sink.

‘I was frightened.I don’t know what I hit me.This was just shocked.I feel numb to some extent.

"When my parents walked into the door, everything became a bit blurred, because I thought that I was shocked that I really remembered anything when I was at the hospital."

"Dad described the kitchen -it looked like a murder scene, because when I ran from the toilet to the kitchen to get my mobile phone, the phone line was broken, and only the blood leaked.

"It is on the walls, doors, refrigerators and freezers."

Shortly after the medical staff arrived, Lucy was taken to the hospital by the ambulance.

Thanks, she and Libi are okay.A few months later, the mother was adapted to the life of an unexpected parent.

"I think I do well," she said."I have adapted to [Mother’s identity], obviously it must be adapted soon

"Everyone said that I had accepted it, just like a duck facing water.

"You don’t believe it, you still feel that others are embarrassed, thinking‘ Why do they know they are pregnant? ’

"Now I have already experienced it, and I regret it.

‘This is a real thing, it does happen.

"I have been injected now, so I hope I will not have any surprises. As my dad said, if I have more, he hopes to notify at least nine months in advance.

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